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Meeting Dates – 2021

January 2021Tuesday 19th
February 2021Tuesday 16th – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
March 2021Tuesday 16th
April 2021Tuesday 20th
May 2021Tuesday 18th
June 2021Tuesday 15th
July 2021Tuesday 20th
August 2021Tuesday 17th
September 2021Tuesday 21st
October 2021Tuesday 19th
November 2021Tuesday 16th
December 2021Tuesday 21st

PSA Staffordshire February 2021 Event

This month PSA Staffordshire are bringing you more fantastic speakers with great content and takeaways!

Our guest speaker at this event is Steve Head. The title of his presentation is:
‘It’s all been done before. How to make 2020 a good year?’

2020 was challenging to say the least both for family and business. Most of us have had to rebuild from almost scratch! The Question is, what lessons have we learned from 2020 that will help us spring forward in 2021 and beyond?

As Steve enters his 20th year as a speaker coach and trainer he will share the practical approach and simple ideas that worked in 2020 in spite of Covid 19.

It turns out, that everything he ever needed he already knew….

Steve has delivered over 2500 sessions to NHS and FSTE 500 and SMEs over the past 19 years. He’s also a speaker coach and trainer. He runs one of the most successful speaking businesses in the UK.

His session will be practical, entertaining and interactive. Come prepared to ask Steve anything about how he built, and rebuilt, his business.

We will also have a development session with special guest Steve Bustin.

Steve Bustin, PSA National President will be exploring how to get the best from the PSA and why we are ‘better together’. He’ll share valuable tips & tools for reaching out to others to network, collaborate and develop relationships within the PSA.

At the PSA we encourage all of our Associate Members and Professional Members to work on improving their speaking skills, and one way we do that is to provide an opportunity for them to have a “showcase”. We provide the opportunity to our members to share part of a talk or a workshop, or perhaps try out a new beginning or a new ending to a talk, perhaps a new story or anything else we are working on to get really valuable constructive feedback from our friends and peers in a supportive, encouraging and professional environment.

If you would like an opportunity to deliver a showcase, please do contact Andrew, our Regional President.

We will also be showcasing some tools and techniques for delivering engaging events in the digital environment, and we’ll introduce a few different ideas at each of our PSA-Online events to help us all engage with the new possibilities available to us with a Hybrid or Blended mix of physical and digital events.

This month we have a showcase from Andrew Pain.

The title of Andrew’s showcase is:
Bold decisions V Batten down the hatches? How a humble charity chose courage over caution in 2020 and tripled its bank balance.

Who would have imagined that in 2020, people would be fighting over loo rolls in supermarkets, Majorcans would be holidaying in Majorca of all places and that city centres all over the world would fall silent?

2020, an extraordinary year where PPE producers and executives at Zoom did pretty well for themselves, but for most organisations, it was a year of fear, uncertainty and immense change.

In this showcase, Andrew will share the incredible story of his small, local charity, which should have respectfully stood back in March 2020 and furloughed its team due to its limited cash reserves and the closure of its income generating enterprises, but which instead, came out fighting for the people it serves, providing a lifeline for thousands of families and individuals in crisis throughout 2020, whilst tripling its bank balance at the same time.

Andrew will highlight 3 critical lessons he’s learned through helping the charity to grow in 2020 and how these lessons can provide the foundation for organisations wanting to thrive in the toughest of times.

1) Dangerously bold decisions rule OK.
2) People are drawn to inspirational missions which create better communities (so what’s your inspirational mission?)
3) Find your perfect partners to collaborate with and deliver ‘joined- up’ solutions.

If you speak for a living (EG a professional speaker, trainer, presenter in the media) or aspire to do so, then this is the group for you! Also, if you regularly give professional presentations to help showcase or promote your business, this group could really benefit you.

Come ready to share, learn, give and receive feedback

If you wish to ask questions about the PSA meetings before booking, please feel free to call the PSA Staffs Regional President Andrew Deighton on +44(0)7769 726556

The Staffordshire PSA team look forward to seeing you!

Kind Regards,
Andrew Deighton
Regional President, PSA Staffordshire

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Welcome to PSA Staffordshire!

If you speak publicly in any capacity (e.g. as a speaker, trainer, teacher, preacher or presenter) or aspire to do so then this is the association for you! Also, if you regularly give professional quality presentations to help showcase or promote your organisation or business then this friendly and supportive region in the middle of the country could really benefit you.     Come ready to share and to learn, to give and to receive feedback.     We gather every month, generally on the third Tuesday evening in each month; please see the PSA events page (from the link below) for the speakers that are lined up for our next event.     Timings for each event are as follows: Arrive at 18:00 for a 18:30 start. We aim to conclude the activities of the event at around 21:00 allowing time for some further networking until around 21:30.       Our face to face meetings are held just across the road from Stoke Station, at: The Potters Club Federation House Station Road Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2SA 01782 848869 (see for directions)     Each evening involves one or more speakers testing material in front of their peers for constructive feedback, followed by a guest keynote speaker who either presents on a topic relevant for speaking professionally or delivers a particularly good live example of professional speaking (and usually both). We often have a ‘mastermind’ session where we all discuss, brainstorm and share experiences around topics relevant for professional speakers, and several times a year we have an afternoon workshop to explore a particular topic in more detail.  It is also a great opportunity to network with other speakers over coffee in the breaks.