Membership of the Professional Speaking Association

Membership of the Professional Speaking Association is available to anyone who speaks professionally – in other words they do it well and they get paid for it, either in the form of a fee, or as part of their employment.

We also have Associates who are people who are connected to the speaking profession or who aspire to become professionals.

What do we mean by “speaking”?
Speaking is any form of being in front of an audience and delivering spoken material. As such “speaking” covers training, workshops, masterclasses, webinars, teleseminars, Google Hangouts, conference speeches, keynotes and any other activity that involves you using spoken words in front of an audience, wherever that audience may be and however they may be listening.

Associate Members
Associate Members are individuals who have a desire to become Professional Members or who are linked to the world of professional speaking in some way. Hence Associate Members are people who aspire to being a Professional Member or who work in allied professions and industries, such as the meetings sector. Associate Members also include speaker bureaus, conference organisers and presentations supplies companies.

JOIN as an Associate Member
Fee: £150 per year

Professional Members
Professional Members are people who operate independently as a sole trader or a limited company, or are employed by a business or charity for which the individual makes presentations. To qualify for Professional Member status there must be payment for your speaking activities, in some way – either in the form of fees, salary or other income. In addition, Professional Members must be observed speaking by existing Members who support the application.

JOIN as a Professional Member
UPGRADE from Associate Member to Professional Member
Fee:£225 per year

Fellowship status is granted to individuals who have reached demanding financial and performance criteria. Fellowship is only given once a peer review by existing Fellows has taken place.

UPGRADE from Professional Member to Fellow
Fee: £250 per year

All grades of membership are only conferred on people whose subscription fees are fully paid and up-to-date.