Join us at the Global Speaking Summit!

By Chantal Cornelius

The 4-day Global Speaking Summit, from 29 September – 2 October 2022, will focus on CONNECTION and UNITY. Book your ticket now at

We can’t wait to welcome you to the PSA’s first in-person Autumn convention since 2019. As we continue to adapt and grow our businesses in the ever-changing, post-pandemic landscape, what better way to move forward than to learn, share and celebrate with your trusted colleagues from around the world? GSS 2022 will bring together hundreds of international speakers from across the globe and promises to provide a home for the treasured spoken word in a location like no other, Dublin.

The Summit’s first day will be a designated International Day, celebrating and embracing the global speaking community. As a joint PSA and GSS conference, you will have the opportunity to learn from and network with your PSA colleagues and connect with speakers from all over the world. GSS 2022 will provide you with the perfect occasion to expand your global reach and network with peers and colleagues worldwide, absorbing different cultures and ways of doing things. With the virtual speaking landscape at an all-time high, we will also show you how welcoming and utilising technology makes the idea of becoming a global speaker a reality, with travel now an option but not a necessity to reach an international audience. So let’s move forward together, stronger, and build a global speaking community for all.

The rest of the event will be packed with value, insight and learning to help you develop your speaking business. There will be plenty of time to network and make new connections, as well as enjoy our fun Comedy Night and the fabulous Gala Dinner (included with your ticket!)

Where is GSS?

The event will take place at the historic and world-famous Croke Park Stadium, the spiritual home of Ireland’s native Gaelic games and one of Dublin’s leading venues for international conferences and headline concerts. The newly refurbished Croke Park hotel is close to Dublin city centre and has a unique location, just steps away from our event venue. We have a number of rooms allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. All this is just minutes from Dublin Airport and Dublin city centre.

Places are limited, so to avoid missing out – book your ticket for this amazing event now at

What are Our Values at the PSA?

By Jackie Handy

Values represent key elements of great importance across our Association and come to life in everything we do as a community of speaking professionals. They have been formulated in conjunction with feedback from our members and reflect the way in which we operate as an Association, both internally and externally. Our values shape us and are why our members join us and stay with us. Our values unite us and we are proud of the inclusive, enjoyable and ever-evolving community we have in the PSA.

We Respect one another

Our members collaborate freely and generously, without imposition. In our diverse community, we acknowledge that there will be differing experiences, opinions and business models, so we provide and receive feedback with generosity and grace. We act with integrity, open-mindedness and kindness to our PSA community and our customers.

We strive for Excellence

Our members act in an ethical, professional manner, both within the PSA and when representing the PSA in their work. We take ownership for our continuous development, knowing that this personal growth ensures the professional speaking community is one synonymous with high quality and distinction.

We value Connection

Our members support one another and engage regularly to share best business practice and expertise. We acknowledge and embrace the diversity of thought, identity and business model of our membership, knowing this strengthens us all individually and collectively. We welcome new members openly and we serve our existing community of members and customers as trusted partners.

If you value these values too, then we would love you to join us at the PSA!

Top Tips! From ‘Ask the Experts’ PSA Spring Conference, 2nd April 2022

Wasn’t the Spring Conference a stunning event!  Oodles of learning and fun.  Everyone was so committed to embracing the event with gusto. And our ‘Ask the Experts’ did us proud.  Each of them has offered their top tip to continue to help us in our speaking businesses. So, it is with pleasure and gratitude that those tips are below. Hope to see you in Dublin!

Dr Lynda Shaw

Sarah Fox TOP TIP: If you’re sharing your expertise in a podcast, get an agreement to manage expectations, avoid disputes and confirm who owns the copyright in the recording. If you’re a podcast guest and need a sample to give to the host, click HERE.

Richard Hagan TOP TIP: Before you even start to write your book:

1. make sure you have really locked down the lifetime strategy of the book for you, your business and your audience

2. make sure you have upskilled from informational writing to immersive authoring (where you can create remote influence and control without any feedback from your audience)

3. make sure you have a highly detailed structural plan of the transformation journey your reader will experience in your book

Then you can write with confidence and competence! A bit cheeky to fit that all into one tip, but all three bits create the magic!

Janice B Gordon TOP TIP: How to make your selling process exceptional, personable, and memorable?

Think of sales as service; think of service as the unique value you add and the value that is relevant and meaningful to the buyer and customer. Make your customer the hero: think about and implement what can you do to make their experience exceptional, personable, and memorable?

Lee Warren TOP TIP: Don’t make the mistake of believing that getting a gig is the successful endpoint of your marketing. Getting a gig should be the BEGINNING of a long-term engagement with a client. Thinking this way will change everything about how you engage with people. 

Dave Henson TOP TIP: To determine if you should be using a slide for a point in your presentation, use RICE. Would a slide help to Reinforce, Illustrate, Clarify or Explain the point you’re making? Click HERE for help on making the right choice.

Alan Stevens TOP TIP: Be genuine. No one likes a fake. “Fake it until you make it” is nonsense. Be genuine and authentic all the time. HERE is my ‘Ask the Expert’ tips.

Darren Harris TOP TIP: Schools often theme events around awareness days, weeks and months. Know when these are and which ones relate to your expertise.

Alex Owen-Hill: HERE is the link to the sheet from my ‘Ask the Experts’ session, along with an associated video to explain to people how to use it: 

Jackie Handy TOP TIP: Consider Universal Design.
Whenever you create content, products or services, always ask yourself, ‘who can’t access this easily?’ It could be as simple as adding captions to video or audio links to written text, but the more you can demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion to your customers, the more they will appreciate you. And potentially, it could lead them to favour your offering over and above that of your competitors.