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Event Dates – 2021

OctoberWednesday 13th –BOOK YOUR TICKET
NovemberWednesday 10th

13th October 2021: The Power of Inclusion

At PSA North East our focus is on helping you to be better at speaking and presenting in front of others regardless of your speaking experience or aspirations.

At PSA North East you get a warm welcome, a packed 2-hour session, good craic, speaking top tips, a learning opportunity and great speakers.

This Month’s Main Speaker: Jackie Handy
The Power of I”

‘The Power of I’ refers to the power that inclusion gives the world, as well as the small steps that ‘I’ have the power to take, to create positive change and generate more repeat business.
Jackie shows that inclusion can be simple if we all commit to taking those steps and believes that when we all do a little, the world can change a lot. Furthermore, when you focus on the diversity in your audience, you create deeper connections with them – and that will leave them loving you!


• Know how our unique map of the world influences us
• Busting the myth about ‘privilege’
• Understand why words matter and how we can adapt our language
• Be able to take small steps right now and create a better speaking business for the future

Jackie Handy is a Fellow of the PSA and has supported hundreds of individuals in organisations around the world to accelerate their performance. Formerly a top performing manager for 2 decades, she now works with others to give back the recipe for leadership and inclusion success. Through her corporate work as well as her own personal journey, Jackie has developed a deeper understanding of human behaviour. Why we do what we do, as well as how accepting we are about the behaviour of others. She has recently been appointed the Diversity & Inclusion Director for the PSA and believes in creating space for all voices to shine.

This month’s PSA North East Showcase is Amanda Harris with her presentation: “She will Never….”
Having been visually impaired since birth and when she was young she was often told “she will never…”. In 2021 she is celebrating 10 years of running her Will Writing business. This is the story of her journey. When she was 17 she was receiving benefits as she was classed as unemployable. Amanda has now been working for herself for so long that she deems herself to be truly unemployable.

Key takeaway of talk:
Only you are the expert on what you can do and what you want to do.

Chantal Cornelius
Build your reputation – Be Different!

Build Your Reputation by being REALLY Different
• So you think you’re a unique speaker, do you?
• You think you’re really different and that nobody else speaks about your topic?
• Really?!

Unless you’re completely clear on what makes you stand out, you won’t be able to build a reputation for being the best speaker in your field.

In this presentation, Chantal Cornelius will show you a unique way of standing out from your competitors, to help you build a really strong speaking reputation. Chantal is Marketing Director for the PSA, and has 21 years of experience of working with coaches, consultants and trainers, through her business, Appletree Marketing. Come and hear her share a truly unique way of growing the strong reputation that you need.

Event Agenda:
5.50pm Zoom Room open
6.00pm: Regional President’s welcome, Introductions and updates, PSA North East Top Tip, PSA North East Awards
6.15pm: Showcase: Amanda Harris – “She will never…”
6.35pm: Main Speaker: Jackie Handy – “The Power of I”
7.35pm Chantal Cornelius – “Build your reputation – Be different!
7.55pm: Round Up and Key Takeaways
8.00pm: Meeting Ends

This is an online event on Zoom so you have to buy a ticket to get the link.

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with our Regional President, Gillian Fortune. Email: [email protected]

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Welcome to PSA North East

We meet monthly, usually every second Wednesday in the month. Our events are designed to help, support, inspire and energise anyone who speaks as part of their business or for a living be it conference speakers, coaches, trainers, facilitators etc. everyone is welcome.

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