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Event Dates – 2022

June 2022Wednesday 8th – In The Room – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
July 2022Wednesday 13th
August 2022Summer Break
September 2022Wednesday 14th
October 2022Wednesday 12th
November 2022Wednesday 9th
December 2022Winter Break

8th June 2022: Developing your speaking business: From writing a keynote to building a better business

This month, we’re delighted to be back at County Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne – Strauss Room – for our regional event!

At PSA North East our focus is on helping you to be better at speaking and presenting in front of others regardless of your speaking experience or aspirations.

At PSA North East you get a warm welcome, a packed 3-hour session, good craic, a learning opportunity and of course… great speakers!

Steven Houghton-Burnett – Dissection of a Keynote
In his talk, Steve will be highlighting key parts of his keynote talk “Love Your Disruptors”. He will be taking elements of the talk and walking the audience through why it is structured in the way it is. He will also cover how to assess whether you are including elements of your message for the benefit of your audience or for your own gratification or as part of your personal “therapy from the stage”. He will invite one or two audience members to work with him in real-time to show how small changes can have a HUGE IMPACT on the delivery of a message.

* How to break your talk up into a “Menu” to make client choice easier (including having some recommended set menus).
* How to choose what you could and should include if a story has deeper personal information or strong emotional content
* What your talk sparkline (emotional highs and lows) maps like and how to use your sparkline to keep the audience with you

Steve is a “jobbing speaker” and was previously an Entrepreneur… He started one of the first five Internet Service Provision (ISP) businesses in the UK which was incidentally the first to make a profit. It grew rapidly over a five year period and after two mergers and three additional rounds of funding ended up being sold for £300 million six weeks before the .COM bubble burst and creating 14 ‘overnight’ millionaires in the process.
He speaks about business change to corporate audiences, the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life to small business audiences and about how he went from a 2 bedroom council house as a child to having travelled the world through his business interests to students in schools, colleges and universities.
He is an award-winning speaker and is a Fellow of the PSA in the UK.

[email protected]

Chantal Cornelius – Speaking of Your Speaking Business …
So you want to grow your speaking business?
What’s the best way to do it?
By speaking of course!

Sounds simple and yet many speakers don’t know how to use their speaking to win speaking gigs. Come to this workshop to find out how to get the most from your speaking, get more speaking clients and grow your speaking business.

By taking part in this workshop you will learn:
1. Why speaking is one of the top three marketing tools for growing your speaking business
2. How to use speaking to grow your speaking business
3. What you need to do to grow bigger apple trees!

Chantal Cornelius set up her business, Appletree Marketing in 2000 and since then has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and trainers to grow their businesses. She provides simple, practical and down to earth advice to help small service businesses to grow.
She’s a Fellow of the PSA and the PSA’s Marketing Director and loves helping speakers to build great businesses.
And when she’s not doing that you’ll find her out riding her one horse, walking her dogs or working in her garden.


William Buist – Intentional Mastery: Step beyond your expertise and Build Better Business.
Have you ever thought your business needs something more, but just can’t seem to put your finger on the missing piece?

You’re an expert at what you do, you get good feedback and your clients are happy enough with the service you provide. You’re quite successful, your speaking business is strong and things are OK.
Whilst your speaking business is by no means broken, things just aren’t as good as they could be. So, how do you go about making your speaking business even stronger and even more successful?

You will gain an understanding of the journey to mastery, and what it takes.
You will know what building better business will mean for you.
You will leave with clear actions that make an immediate difference to your business.

William Buist is the Author of the newly released “Intentional Mastery”, a professional speaker and business Mentor. William has observed how those few people who become the Masters in their fields develop extraordinary value for others. In his book he shares the insights that enable business leaders to choose this path too. Building Better Business is a strategic approach, developed by William over the last two decades, which creates enduring, effective strategies for successful businesses.
William is committed to lifelong learning and continually developing his knowledge, skills and experience. He runs powerful and successful business events that create opportunities for business owners to learn and grow. He works with schools providing mock interviews and other support to encourage success of young people. He’s a keen photographer and skier, and enjoys walking.

Twitter: @williambuist

Event Agenda:
5.30pm Room opens; networking opportunity
6.00pm: Regional President’s welcome
6.05pm: Chantal Cornelius
6.50pm: William Buist
7.35pm: PSA updates
7.40pm: Break and networking opportunity
8pm: Steven Houghton-Burnett
8.55pm: Round Up and Key Takeaways
9.00pm: Meeting ends – see you in the bar for a chat!

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with our Regional President, Nathalie Paris. Email: [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you in the room 8th June 2022!

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Cancellation Policy: Please be aware that we do not accept cancellation of bookings for PSA meetings, as we make arrangements to support the number of places booked and incur costs that cannot often be recovered. If you have booked a place at a PSA event and are no longer able to attend, please ask around your local PSA community to see if another speaker wishes to attend in your place – we’re happy for you to transfer your booking, and just ask that you let us know by emailing [email protected].

Processing your personal data: Please note that when you book an event your data will be processed in accordance with the PSA’s Privacy Notice. When you register to attend a PSA event, we share your name and contact details with the person running the event. For regional meetings, this will be the Regional President. They may share these details with members of the Regional Committee, for the purposes of contacting you about the event, welcoming you, and following up with you afterwards..

We will be taking photographs throughout the event and may also be video recording the event. By purchasing a ticket you agree that all photography may be used at the discretion of the PSA and for the business of any speaker being filmed during the event. However, if you do not wish to appear or be identified in any photography or video footage please advise any Committee member on arrival at the event so we can, of course, accommodate your preference.

Welcome to PSA North East

We meet monthly, usually every second Wednesday in the month. Our events are designed to help, support, inspire and energise anyone who speaks as part of their business or for a living be it conference speakers, coaches, trainers, facilitators etc. everyone is welcome.

The presenters we see at our events are a mixture of local speakers from up-and-coming speakers to experienced speakers, as well as the real cream of UK speakers.

You will be sure of a typically warm North East welcome at PSA North East.