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Event Dates – 2022

February 2022Wednesday 9th – Online – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
March 2022Wednesday 9th
April 2022Wednesday 13th
May 2022Wednesday 11th
June 2022Wednesday 8th
July 2022Wednesday 13th
August 2022Summer Break
September 2022Wednesday 14th
October 2022Wednesday 12th
November 2022Wednesday 9th
December 2022Winter Break

9th February 2022: Let’s Take Action!

At PSA North East our focus is on helping you to be better at speaking and presenting in front of others regardless of your speaking experience or aspirations.

At PSA North East you get a warm welcome, a packed 2-hour session, good craic, speaking top tips, a learning opportunity and great speakers!

This month’s main speaker:

Geoff Nicholson with his presentation called “Are you failing to plan and execute?”.

Planning provides us will a structure to succeed, it gives us direction and the confidence to stay on track and manage distractions. The reality is that although most people want to enjoy success, they don’t plan for it and they will spend more time planning their summer holiday than they do working on planning for their life. We explore the different characteristics in people, how a plan will help and also the importance of designing a holistic model to success.

Takeaways for the audience:
You will go away with a simple structure and model of how to create a plan, with strategies on maintaining focus and with the confidence to achieve your goals in life and in business.

A bit about Geoff:
Geoff is an internationally acclaimed coach working with business owners. He assists them in taking control of the chaos that many suffer within their businesses from experiencing task overwhelm, poor time management and the negative effects this has on the way they run their companies, their relationships and most importantly their mental health.

Geoff has been working in human potential development for over 15 years after recovering from a series of illnesses including meningitis and chronic fatigue syndrome which left him unable to work for six years.
He now uses his experiences in taking back control of his own life to support his clients in creating exceptional results in life and business.


This month’s Showcase:

Ricky Locke with his presentation called “UNLOCKED: The secrets to a magical life!”.

Why is it that some people are more successful in life than others?

Were they born this way?

Are they from another planet or is it just that they are incredibly lucky?

Well, what if you could UNLOCK the secrets that make successful people a success and what if you really had the power to be the best version of yourself to live a successful and extraordinary life, wouldn’t that just be magical?

By the end of Ricky’s talk, you will be able to Unlock…

1  How to control your response to life’s events and opportunities

2. How to take responsibility to achieve success in your life and business

3. The Key principles to UNLOCK the best version of yourself and live an extraordinary life

A bit about Ricky:

Ricky Locke is a speaker, award-winning magician of The Magic Circle, and host of the Unlocked podcast. With an extensive background in Retail leadership, colleague development & training, over the last 15 years, he’s been on the front line in one of the UK’s biggest retailers; performing, serving, studying and putting to practice a simple formula on how to UNLOCK the best version of himself, his team and his businesses to achieve extraordinary results! Through his own experience and amazing adventures, he now wants to help inspire others to UNLOCK their full potential and live an extraordinary life.

Event Agenda:
5.50pm – Zoom Room open
6.00pm – New Regional President’s welcome – Introductions and updates – PSA North East Top Tip
6.15pm – Showcase: Ricky Locke, “Unlocked”
6.50pm – Main Speaker: Geoff Nicholson, “Are you failing to plan and execute?”
7.50pm – Round Up and Key Takeaways
8.00pm – Meeting Ends

This is an online event on Zoom so you have to buy a ticket to get the link.

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with our Regional President, Nathalie Paris. Email: [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you online on 9th February 2022!

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Welcome to PSA North East

We meet monthly, usually every second Wednesday in the month. Our events are designed to help, support, inspire and energise anyone who speaks as part of their business or for a living be it conference speakers, coaches, trainers, facilitators etc. everyone is welcome.

The presenters we see at our events are a mixture of local speakers from up-and-coming speakers to experienced speakers, as well as the real cream of UK speakers.

You will be sure of a typically warm North East welcome at PSA North East.