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Event Dates 2021

SeptemberSaturday 11th – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
NovemberSaturday 13th
DecemberSaturday 11th

11th September 2021

Here to help you speak more and speak better, we have an extra special event for you this month. We’ve also got seasoned keynote speakers and showcases, plus more “Legends Lounge” happening to give you chance to network in a more intimate setting. So buckle up as we’ve got lots of opportunities to learn, interact and share!

The usually online format continues to use zoom for this events, and we are excited to mix things up slightly so you have even more chance to interact in the day. There are plenty of breaks and we’ll be providing the latest updates from PSA HQ and we’ll let you know what’s to come in 2021.

Here’s the agenda and some of the highlights so you know what to expect…

Join us from 9:30 and network in our smaller groups so you can catch up with old friends and meet news ones too, before our president’s welcome and kick off at 10am.

We’ll be sharing another 6 figure speaker business model, to understand how the top performers are doing so well in such turbulent times. Plus updates on what’s happening in the PSA and as the year progresses, before welcoming our opening keynote speaker…

Caroline Flanagan
Speaker Lessons from Be The First: 7 common mistakes speakers make and the 1 mindset shift that can fix them

Are you working hard to become a better speaker but you’re not seeing the results? Is your self doubt stopping you from seizing opportunities? Have you been avoiding the virtual speaking world in the hope that things will soon get back to normal? Are you spending all your time looking for the secret, the blue print or the road map to speaker success, instead of getting out there and speaking.

If you are working hard to become a more successful speaker but you’re not seeing the results, you could be making one of the seven common mistakes speakers make when trying to build their business.

In Speaker Lessons from Be The First, author, coach and international keynote speaker Caroline Flanagan delivers an insightful, engaging and practical talk on the common mistakes speakers make when trying to build a successful business and the number one mindset shift that will fix them all.

Then, off for a little break….

Tea Break at 11am

11:15: We’ll then meet our brave showcasers who will each get 10 minutes to wow the audience getting feedback from one of our esteemed fellows…. while asking YOU to share your feedback using

12:15: Quick Comfort Break

12:25: Then, we’re into our Legends Lounge with some of the tops speakers from within the PSA. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your PSA family even better and squeeze as much value out of our fellows as possible.

Then on to our closing keynote speaker… PSA Royalty…

Steve Bustin
Don’t leave money on the table: Make your stories WORK

Most speakers are storytellers. Many of us have great signature stories we tell from the stage, but are you leveraging your stories to maximum effect – and profit? Used right, your stories can open up huge opportunities, allowing you to develop new markets, raise your profile in the media and book more business.

In 2018, Steve had a great new story land in his lap when he discovered he’d become the face of an international online dating scam and at least 18 women thought they were dating ‘him’. This had nothing to do with his business as a speaker and communications expert. Or did it?

In this session, Steve tells the extraordinary story, equally hilarious and horrifying, then unpacks the story to show how he turned it into an international news story and the opportunities it has opened up for his business, from cyber-security events to cruise ship speaking and international media coverage that has led to new clients and bookings.

He’ll explore how a signature story can be re-purposed to widen your business offering and open up new speaking markets. He’ll also discuss some of the things he’s learned from his unwanted involvement in the dark world of dating scams, including easy ways to protect yourself and your business online, how the scammers find their targets and how to turn almost anything into a news story.

Takeaways from this keynote:

• Discover how your signature stories can be used in a number of different ways to create new business opportunities
• Learn how to spot a story that could get you media coverage to raise your business profile and reach new clients
• Understand how to protect yourself and your business assets online

And finally, we’ll be wrapping up by sharing some celebrations from our members, and a chance to share your “gems” from the day.

We’ll be closing the event at 1:30pm to give you chance to enjoy the rest of your day… however for those that want to stick around for addition networking, can until 2pm when we unplug zoom.

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Cancellation Policy: Please be aware that we do not accept cancellation of bookings for PSA meetings, as we make arrangements to support the number of places booked and incur costs that cannot often be recovered. If you have booked a place at a PSA event and are no longer able to attend, please ask around your local PSA community to see if another speaker wishes to attend in your place – we’re happy for you to transfer your booking, and just ask that you let us know by emailing [email protected].

Processing your personal data: Please note that when you book an event your data will be processed in accordance with the PSA’s Privacy Notice. When you register to attend a PSA event, we share your name and contact details with the person running the event. For regional meetings, this will be the Regional President. They may share these details with members of the Regional Committee, for the purposes of contacting you about the event, welcoming you, and following up with you afterwards..

We will be taking photographs throughout the event and may also be video recording the event. By purchasing a ticket you agree that all photography may be used at the discretion of the PSA and for the business of any speaker being filmed during the event. However, if you do not wish to appear or be identified in any photography or video footage please advise any Committee member on arrival at the event so we can, of course, accommodate your preference.

Welcome to PSA London

London PSA is a dynamic region attracting top speakers from across the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.

Every event helps you as a speaker on that journey, whatever level you are now. That’s not just getting more gigs, profit isn’t only about selling more, it’s about how you run your speaking business. We are actively helping you meet the challenges of the future of the speaking profession.

Every event helps you as a speaker on that journey, whatever level you are now. That’s not just getting more gigs, profit isn’t only about selling more, it’s about how you run your speaking business. We are actively helping you meet the challenges of the future of the speaking profession.

Our events take place on Saturdays, include five hours of presentations and workshops, lots of networking, breakfast (at 9:30).

Visitors and members alike leave energised, with great ideas to earn more money from speaking. Feedback is consistently that we have (despite often having 60+ speakers in the room) an amazingly friendly and supportive community.

Our diverse community of members and fellows speak across a wide range of topics, business models and formats and are incredibly generous in sharing what they’ve learned in their speaking careers.

Guests are made especially welcome by our dedicated ‘Welcome Team’, ensuring every guest connects with like-minded speakers in their first few meetings.

We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on your speaker journey!