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Meeting Dates – 2022

February 2022Monday 7th – Online – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
March 2022Monday 7th (in the room)
May 2022Monday 9th (online)
June 2022Monday (in the room)
July 2022Monday 4th (online)
August 2022Monday 1st (online)
September 2022Monday 5th (in the room)
November 2022Monday 7th (online)
December 2022Monday 5th (in the room)

7th February 2022: Building Better Business

We know that our members are focused on their speaking businesses. Yet sometimes we can feel alone, like the only one struggling to take our business to the next level.

This month, PSA Birmingham is responding with an online event purely dedicated to unlocking potential and intentional business mastery.

Within the meeting, we introduce our speaker surgery. This mini mastermind will provide space for you to share a business challenge you might be facing and gain support from other members.

Also in our Hot Tips segment, you can expect to receive useful business tips and golden nuggets that have worked well for others.

We are delighted that our keynote speaker this evening will be the wonderful William Buist.

William is the Author of the soon to be released “Intentional Mastery”, a professional speaker, Fellow of the PSA and business Mentor. William has observed how those few people who become Masters in their fields develop an extraordinary value for others.

Building Better Business is a strategic approach, developed by William over the last two decades, which creates enduring, effective strategies for successful businesses.

William is committed to lifelong learning and continually developing his knowledge, skills and experience. He runs powerful and successful business events that create opportunities for business owners to learn and grow. He works with schools providing mock interviews and other support to encourage the success of young people. He’s a keen photographer and skier and enjoys walking.

In his keynote session, Intentional Mastery – Step beyond your expertise and Build Better Business, William will share with you:

Three pain points you may face:

– Being seen as ‘just another expert’ rather than THE person to do this work.
– Finding that you are working with clients who don’t appreciate you or the value you are adding.
– Being unable to charge the premium prices that your work could be attracting.

Three benefits of attending his session are:

– You will gain an understanding of the journey to Mastery, and what it takes.
– You will know what Building Better Business will mean for you.
– You will leave with clear actions that make an immediate difference to your business.

Have you ever thought your business needs something more, but just can’t seem to put your finger on the missing piece?

You’re an expert at what you do and the very best at your game. You get great feedback and your clients love the service you provide. You’re successful, your business is strong, things are really good.

Whilst your business is by no means broken, things just aren’t as good as they could or should be. So, how do you go about making your business even stronger and even more successful?

Supporting our February event we will also be joined by Ricky Locke, delivering his showcase, UNLOCKED: The secrets to a magical life!

Why is it that some people are more successful in life than others? Were they born this way? Are they from another planet or is it just that they are incredibly lucky?

Well, what if you could UNLOCK the secrets that make successful people a success and what if you really had the power to be the best version of yourself to live a successful and extraordinary life, wouldn’t that just be magical?

By the end of Ricky’s talk, you will be able to Unlock…

1. How to control your response to life’s events and opportunities
2. How to take responsibility to achieve success in your life and business
3. The Key principles to UNLOCK the best version of yourself and live
an extraordinary life

Ricky Locke is a speaker, award-winning magician of The Magic Circle, and host of the Unlocked podcast. With an extensive background in retail leadership, colleague development & training, over the last 15 years, he’s been on the front line in one of the UK’s biggest retailers; performing, serving, studying and putting to practice a simple formula on how to UNLOCK the best version of himself, his team and his businesses to achieve extraordinary results! Through his own experience and amazing adventures, he now wants to help inspire others to UNLOCK their full potential and live an extraordinary life.

So…will you be there? Can you, or your business, afford NOT to be!!

Here’s our full value-packed agenda:

5:45 Networking
6:00 Welcome
6:05 Showcase + feedback
6:25 Speaker Surgery
6:45 Hot Tips
6:50 Break
6:55 Keynote – William Buist
7:25 Summary & conclusion
7:30 Close

We can’t wait to see you online!

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Cancellation Policy: Please be aware that we do not accept cancellation of bookings for PSA meetings, as we make arrangements to support the number of places booked and incur costs that cannot often be recovered. If you have booked a place at a PSA event and are no longer able to attend, please ask around your local PSA community to see if another speaker wishes to attend in your place – we’re happy for you to transfer your booking, and just ask that you let us know by emailing [email protected].

Processing your personal data: Please note that when you book an event your data will be processed in accordance with the PSA’s Privacy Notice. When you register to attend a PSA event, we share your name and contact details with the person running the event. For regional meetings, this will be the Regional President. They may share these details with members of the Regional Committee, for the purposes of contacting you about the event, welcoming you, and following up with you afterwards..

We will be taking photographs throughout the event and may also be video recording the event. By purchasing a ticket you agree that all photography may be used at the discretion of the PSA and for the business of any speaker being filmed during the event. However, if you do not wish to appear or be identified in any photography or video footage please advise any Committee member on arrival at the event so we can, of course, accommodate your preference.

PSA Events Policy for Covid19

As the host of PSA events, we have taken all reasonable and appropriate precautions and followed the latest government guidelines when planning this event.

As a delegate at a PSA event, you must (1) follow the latest government guidelines; (2) take a lateral flow test before attending unless you have been fully vaccinated (we also recommend this for the safety of other delegates even where you have been fully vaccinated); (3) not attend if the test is positive or if you have any of the recognised symptoms of Covid.

Please read our PSA Events Policy for Covid for more details.

Welcome to PSA Birmingham

What we do

This is a typical agenda for a meeting:

17:30 Gathering & Networking
18:00 Welcome & Introduction
18:10 Showcases and Feedback
18:45 Break
19:00 Keynote/Workshop
19:50 Conclusion and close

Who we are

PSA Birmingham is an active committee of volunteers, led by Regional President Darren Harris, who organise meetings for people who speak publicly, promote a business through speaking, or aspire to do so.

Speakers come from across the UK, Ireland and rest of the world, cover a wide range of topics, and share their expertise for free.

Members get to takeaway practical speaking tips, test their own material and network with like minded individuals.

Visitors are made to feel welcome by the PSA community and  can attend up to three meetings as a guest.

Where we meet

In-person meetings take place at The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP and we provide tea, coffee and snacks.

Online meetings take place on Zoom.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]