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Meeting Dates – 2021

May Monday 10th – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
June Monday 7th
July Monday 5th
August Monday 2nd
September Monday 6th
October National Convention
November Monday 1st
December Monday 6th

10th May 2021: Maybe it’s time to start focusing on selling & making money!

As the world starts opening up once more and (some form of) normality resumes, could you be doing more to attract and convert more business?

On May 10th PSA Birmingham is helping you with all things sales and marketing and we kick off with our showcase speaker:

Charlie Whyman
Charlie never intended on pursuing a career in sales and marketing when she signed up for a degree in engineering 15+ years ago. Since then she’s been ripped off by agencies, confused by ‘so called’ experts and learned to love marketing the hard way.

Charlie now helps businesses prioritise how they invest their time, money and energy, leverage the assets they have available and create systems and processes that result in sales.

Her talk, ‘An OTTERs guide to reducing marketing overwhelm’ will show you how to find your very own OTTER and explore how to make it work for you.

We all wish we had someone to come and do all of our sales and marketing for us so that we can focus on doing what we do best.

The reality is that if we want our business to survive, thrive and grow we have to put some time and effort into it.

The OTTER won’t do your sales and marketing for you but it will act as a guide and give you confidence, clarity and results. If you let it, it will also help you have fun in the process!

Following a short break, networking and our ever popular ‘Hero’s Journey’ slot, we’ll be hearing from Phil Ingle.

Phil Ingle is both a PSA Fellow and a CIPD Fellow. In his capacity as Branch Chair for the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) he schedules events for members of the HR and L&D professions, so is also a ‘speaker booker’. He is constantly looking for speakers for events, both live and online.

What you’ll learn from this session is:

* Why professional bodies may be a route to your market
* What a ‘speaker booker’ is looking for
* How to engage with professional bodies by tuning your approach.

Phil has used PSA Members and Fellows at CIPD events – but not because they are in the PSA. It is not how good a speaker you are – it is how relevant you are, and how you put yourself across. Phil will also share his experience of other professional bodies so you can consider how you as a speaker can help other professionals, which may lead to further opportunities for you.

And if that wasn’t already a wonderful line up, our final session is with the Telephone Assassin himself, Anthony Stears. In his talk, ‘Making Money from Speaking’ Anthony unpacks the different business models speakers use to make money, we’ll be looking at examples from within the PSA to help you leverage the most profitable for YOU. He’ll then show you how to apply some Assassin style techniques in your conversations to help your prospect and clients buy more.

Takeaways are:
– How you can package up your speaking to earn more money
– A non-salesy approach for prospecting to new and existing clients
– Tips to prevent pipeline constipation
– and lots more….

Here’s the full agenda for the event:

15:30 Gathering & Networking
16:00 Welcome & Introduction
16:05 Member Updates
16:15 Charlie Whyman
16:45 Break
17:00 Hero’s Journey
17:15 Phil Ingle
17:45 Break
18:00 Anthony Stears
18:45 Conclusion and Monthly commitment/focus/¬challenge
19:00 Close

We expect this to be a popular event, so make sure you book your tickets early!

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Cancellation Policy: Please be aware that we do not accept cancellation of bookings for PSA meetings, as we make arrangements to support the number of places booked and incur costs that cannot often be recovered. If you have booked a place at a PSA event and are no longer able to attend, please ask around your local PSA community to see if another speaker wishes to attend in your place – we’re happy for you to transfer your booking, and just ask that you let us know by emailing [email protected].

Processing your personal data: Please note that when you book an event your data will be processed in accordance with the PSA’s Privacy Notice. When you register to attend a PSA event, we share your name and contact details with the person running the event. For regional meetings, this will be the Regional President. They may share these details with members of the Regional Committee, for the purposes of contacting you about the event, welcoming you, and following up with you afterwards..

We will be taking photographs throughout the event and may also be video recording the event. By purchasing a ticket you agree that all photography may be used at the discretion of the PSA and for the business of any speaker being filmed during the event. However, if you do not wish to appear or be identified in any photography or video footage please advise any Committee member on arrival at the event so we can, of course, accommodate your preference.

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This is a typical agenda for a meeting:
15:30 Gathering & Networking
16:00 Welcome & Introduction
16:05 Member Updates
16:15 Showcases and Feedback
16:45 Break
17:00 Hero’s Journey
17:15 Workshop/Keynote 1
17:45 Break
18:00 Workshop/Keynote 2
18:45 Conclusion and monthly commitment
19:00 Close

Who we are

We have an active committee of volunteers, led by Regional President
Darren Harris who work very hard to make sure speakers, members and
visitors have a great experience at every PSA Birmingham event.

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