Membership Levels

We have three levels of membership:

Associate Member

Associate Members may be individuals who are considering a career in professional speaking or who work for an employer where professional speaking is likely to become a major part of their role.

Associate Members may be people who work in an associated profession, such as in a speaker bureau, an events organisation, a publishing company or other similar businesses which have a clear interest in professional speaking.

Associate Members can also be individuals have any other interest in professional speaking.

Associate Members do not need to have their application assessed so they should not refer to themselves in any way which implies they are Professional Members, nor should they use the PSA logo.

JOIN as an Associate Member

Fee: £150 per year

Professional Member

Professional Members either operate independently as a sole trader or a limited company, or can be employed by a business or charity for which the applicant makes presentations. A requirement of membership is that payment is received by the applicant for speaking related activities. There is no minimum amount required however we do request 3 examples of events/sum in the previous 12 months to support the application.

In addition a Professional Member also:

  • Has given a minimum of 10 presentations, talks, speeches, webinars, training workshops, teleseminars, or other communications for audiences greater than 3 individuals during the previous 12 months
  • Has a website and other marketing collateral which is professionally produced and indicates the speaking activities with which the applicant is involved
  • Has their application to join proposed by two people who are either Professional Members or Fellows of the PSA, one of whom must have seen them speaking within the previous 12 months and who vouches for their speaking ability. Current board members may not name or second an Associate Member for promotion to Professional Member
  • Agrees to the PSA Code of Ethics and accepts they will be bound by this code
JOIN as a Professional Member UPGRADE from Associate Member to Professional Member

Fee: £225 per year


Fellows are individuals who meet all the requirements for being a Professional Member. In addition, applicants for Fellowship must also meet the following criteria (as of March 2015):

  • At least one year’s continuous membership of PSA
  • Thirty-five thousand pounds (£35,000) of gross income from speaking and speaking-related activities (see note below) for each of two years in the preceding four year period. Evidence of income must be supplied (names of clients, dates, invoices, bank statements etc.)
  • Speaking professionally for a minimum period of three years
  • Sponsors must be Fellows and must have no professional or business relationship with the applicant that could be construed as a conflict of interest, and may not be a current member of the PSA board
  • PSA subscription in good standing
  • Compliance with the PSA code of ethics, and no ethical sanctions levied by PSA or any member of GSF for the previous five years
  • If the applicant has not been seen speaking to a live audience by the proposer or seconder, applications must include a video recording of the applicant speaking to a live audience. The video must be of one of the presentations being counted in the application
  • Details of five clients who might be contacted for verification of fee and testimonial purposes
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the PSA, in terms of support for aspiring speakers and attendance at regional and national events
  • No objections received from other Fellows, or if objections are received, they are deemed irrelevant by the PSA Board
  • A final review by the PSA Board to ensure that professional standards being are upheld

NOTE: Speaking-related income is that which accrues as a direct result of a speaking engagement, and includes, but is not limited to, book and DVD sales, online courses, offline courses, webinars and digital services.

UPGRADE from Professional Member to Fellow

Fee: £250 per year

All membership renewals occur every 12 months.