The PSA Foundation

The PSA Foundation is a special, growing fund to help PSA fellows, members and associates in financial difficulties. Should you wish to speak with someone regarding support from the foundation please email [email protected]

In June 2020 the Foundation team produced a Help & Support page in response to the Covid-19 crisis. This page lists organisations that have helplines to help people struggling with mental health issues, housing, debt, domestic violence, being a single parent, tax and disability.

Contact details for organisations that may be able to help

Money is raised for the PSA Foundation all year long in various ways, especially at the Annual Convention in the autumn.

Awards from the Foundation are made for fellows, members and associates in financial difficulty who might need support to pay their membership fees or annual conference fee, for instance, or who could not attend meetings without some financial assistance. The Foundation will also consider applications for help where a close family member has a significant health challenge which will impact on a member’s business.

Please note, we do not give money to help the ‘bottom line’ of a business, we give help to individuals and almost always in the form of tickets to PSA events and annual membership fees – we only very rarely give out cash.

All approaches should be made through your Regional President in the first instance and every application is dealt with on an individual basis.

Rest assured though, this is a confidential process and only the people in the Foundation team, your Regional President and one person at PSA HQ will know of any application.

Don’t be shy, we are here to help you and your PSA colleagues. It’s what we do. We aim to make the PSA a more practical caring community, not just a growing business-like membership organisation.

Please give generously below to help your speaker colleagues who have fallen on challenging times.