The Professional Speaking Association regards your privacy as important.

The information we collect about you is stored in our Campaign Monitor account in Australia and in our Website Database in Germany and also in the secure storage systems of the Professional Speaking Association administration company. Only the PSA administrators, the website administrators and members of the Board of Directors the PSA have access to such data.

We collect a range of personal identification data from members and guests, including email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses. We also collect detailed personal information, including financial data, to help the Membership Committee assess the suitability of applicants.

Members and guests of this site can choose not to receive some email messages from us. However, important system and membership messages can be sent to all individuals registered with this site regardless of such choices. Such messages are only sent when absolutely necessary.

Personal information on this site is not shared with any third party, nor is it sold or lent or hired in any way.

Financial Security
The security of all financial transactions is reviewed each year.

Only authorised people have access to any financial information such as financial details (credit or debit card numbers).

Any Confidential information is securely destroyed.

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