Speaking at PSA Events

If you would like to speak at a PSA event, whether that is at a Regional meeting or at a national event or Convention, then please let us know using the form below.

Speaker Guidelines

Thank you for asking to speak at one of our meetings – it is much appreciated.

Our meetings have four aims:

  • To demonstrate the very highest standards of speaking
  • To help members develop their professional speaking careers so they can speak more and speak better
  • To provide both speakers and delegates with the opportunity to make new and potentially life changing contacts with like-minded people
  • To interest, entertain and give value

It is our intention that our meetings always aspire to the very highest standards and we would therefore ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Rehearse, dress and perform as you would for your largest and most prestigious audience
  • Please commit to the event in the same way – we take our acceptance of an offer to speak as a firm booking on both sides
  • Simply be perfect on timings
  • Please let us have a compelling title and overview for your talk well ahead of the event and please ensure that you talk to this
  • Please avoid even a hint of selling of you, your programmes or your products
  • Please let us have in advance the introduction you would like the MC to use

Application to Speak