Speak Better Bootcamp


Here is your chance to learn from those at the top of their game. On 24th June 2021, you will have access to three renowned professional speakers, Steve Bustin, Pam Burrows and Lee Jackson, at this entirely virtual event designed for you to develop, discover and ultimately deliver the best version of yourself and your speaking business. We will provide a platform for you to learn new techniques and tips for your speaking business, ask questions, network with other speakers and most importantly, showcase your skills and get direct feedback from the pros to help you improve.  We are here to encourage, enlighten and educate you, so you have the tools to get the most out of your speaking business.


Lee Jackson is an award-winning motivational speaker, presentation coach, author, fellow, PSAE and the past National President of the PSA. He works helping people to Get Good® in challenging times. He’s from Leeds, but don’t let that put you off! www.leejackson.org

Steve Bustin is the immediate past National President of the PSA and a former PSA National Speaker of the Year. He’s a sought-after event compere and host and speaks on communication and online safety, based on his experience as the ‘face’ of an online dating scam. Steve is also a C-Suite speech and presentation coach, working with international business leaders to ensure they deliver at their best on stage or screen. You can find out more at getyourvoiceheard.co.uk

Pam Burrows is a Fellow of the PSA and has been a speaker, trainer and coach for 30 years.

Her subject is stress reduction, burnout and wellbeing. Pam is known for highly energised and interactive events that keep participants engaged. https://pamburrows.com/ 


The Speak Better Bootcamp will comprise three segments; preparation, delivery and anxiety. Here is a breakdown of each session.

Preparation: What do you want to say, and how are you going to say it? Generating and structuring your content is vital to a successful speech. As the adage goes, a good presentation doesn’t happen on the podium; it happens in the preparation. Working out what you are going to say and then coming up with a structure that makes that content easy to deliver and understand is an integral part of the speaker’s job. In this session, we’ll look at the three key stages: generating content, editing content and structuring content, including ideas for linear and non-linear presentation structures.

Delivery: In this session, we will cover the dos and don’ts and the common pitfalls of poor presentations. Pace and pausing; using a good introduction; body language tips; and what to do with your hands when speaking. We will also look at how to use the stage, camera, or meeting room to your advantage when speaking and how to sell yourself and your ideas with greater impact, authenticity and clarity. You will also learn from a legendary comedian on engagement and why Star Wars can make you a more memorable speaker!

Anxiety: Even the most confident speaker can feel nervous when the event is important to them. A bigger fee, an important or influential audience, or the first live run of a new talk, can all send us into the jitters. Pam Burrows will be sharing some of her most powerful techniques to help you stay calm and focused, even in the most pressurised situations.

Learn how to switch on your most confident self and wow your crowd!


This is an intimate event with limited spaces, so BOOK NOW to avoid missing out on your chance to learn how to get more work for your speaking business by speaking better!

The PSA Foundation will provide some assistance for speakers who cannot afford the full fee if needed. This is a confidential process, and no one will know – please go through your Regional President to enquire regarding eligibility. Thank you to the PSA members who have generously donated to make this happen.

If all the above isn’t enough to sign you up, we will record your presented speech for you to review too!  You will receive further instructions on what is required of you before the event. But if you need specific information, please contact Foundation Director Lee Jackson at [email protected]

Eligible Associates of the PSA can have their status UPGRADED from Associate to Member on successful completion of the day. Please be clear that you must already have qualified in all other areas for this to happen: if you are unsure, please see the PSA website or contact the PSA office, who will be happy to help!


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