What are PSA Showcases?

A “Showcase” is a short talk lasting for 10 or 20 minutes given at a Regional Meeting of the PSA. Such talks are given by Associate Members and Professional Members who are keen to get feedback from other professional speakers.

Generally, people are looking for constructive comments about their talks and their speaking ability, so they can improve and thereby “Speak More and Speak Better”.

Typically, a Regional Meeting will have one or two showcase opportunities at each event. The professional speakers who make up the audience are asked to provide comments on what was good and what could be improved. One area in particular that they will be looking for is “bookability” – who would pay for such a talk; the PSA is about “professional” speaking, and therefore, unlike other speaking events that criticise your performance, we are focused more on the money-making potential. That doesn’t mean we do not give feedback on your overall performance, it just means that being professional speakers, we also take into account the financial side of things.

Some speakers who take part in showcases are more experienced speakers who are generally “trying out” something new. For instance, they may be testing a new story they want to use, so they can get an idea of how well it works in front of a real audience. Sometimes, speakers take part in showcases because they are changing their topic or introducing something new to their programmes.

Essentially, a showcase is an opportunity for you to get feedback about your talk from a friendly, but critical audience.

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PLEASE NOTE: Showcase openings are limited. For each Region there will be a maximum of 15-20 showcase opportunities each year, and places fill up quickly. If you apply now, it may be several months before a suitable date can be found for you.

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