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President: Duncan Bhaskaran-Brown

Email: [email protected]

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Event Dates – 2022

May 2022Thursday 19th – In The Room – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
June 2022Thursday 16th
July 2022Thursday 21st
August 2022Thursday 18th
September 2022Thursday 15th
October 2022Thursday 20th
November 2022Thursday 17th
December 2022Thursday 15th

19th May 2022: Stellar Success Starts Here

You want to success as a speaker? Good, because this month we’re all about success.

You need to meet two amazing people who will help you to achieve grand slam eminence:

Kate Turner is going to how to go beyond why and harness your power to create speaking success. Gethin Jones will tell you a story that will inspire you and make the hairs on your neck stand up.

Join us live and in person at Green Park Conference Centre, 100 Longwater Avenue, Reading, RG2 6GP, on Thursday 19th May.

Kate Turner: How to identify what truly drives your success as a speaker

Why do you do what you do?

In this workshop, Kate Turner goes beyond the big ‘WHY?’ question so popularised by Simon Sinek. She believes that will only get you so far.

Instead, Kate will be asking a wider question: why do you bother doing what you do? What truly drives you? And how could you make it easier on yourself to achieve the outcomes you so desire without digging deep and pushing through?

In this workshop, Kate will show you how to:
1 – Harness your motivation so you can build a speaking business with greater ease
2 – CREATE your own success – and avoid the obstacles that commonly get in the way
3 – Identity the ‘magic’ that sets you apart from the rest

Deborah will show you:
– The forgotten art of authentic presence in your performance: how to stand out when you stand up
– How channeling someone else can make you more, well, ‘you’
– How to make a mask out of a paper plate and imbue it with superpowers that you didn’t realise you already possessed.

Gethin Jones: How to F**k up and Still Succeed

Have you ever F**ked up and become stuck? You want to grow or create a business, improve your relationships or your health. Instead of achieving these dreams, you’re just wasting time dreaming on the sofa and watching everyone else grow.

In 2006, Gethin was well and truly ‘stuck’, with a prison record and a heroin addiction. Gethin took action, and today he’s a healthy, successful, respected and trusted business owner, inspirational speaker, friend, dad, son and partner.

He f**ked up and still succeeded and he wants to share his Think it – Say it – Do it (#TISIDI) method that made it happen.

In this session you will take away…

1. An understanding of how to use the Think it – Say it – Do it model #TISIDI
2. How to embrace FEAR and use it to your advantage
3. Celebrate your failure and learn how to use it as a tool for success

Your life is not what you think. Your life is not what you say. Your life is not what you do.

Your success is waiting for you.

Tempted? Then book your ticket now. A great investment at £30 +VAT for PSA members if you book the Early Bird in time! If you’re not yet a member and you’d like to come along to see what you can get from the PSA, we’d love to see you at this event. Guest tickets are £35 +VAT.

Here’s the agenda for this event:

3.30pm – The event opens for networking

4pm – Workshop – Kate Turner

6pm – Networking break and refreshments

7pm – Member Showcase

8pm – Keynote – Gethin Jones

8.45pm – Time for the last bit of networking or even going home

Got a question about this event, or why you should attend a PSA event? Please call Duncan, Regional President of the Thames Valley PSA. Don’t be put off by his title – you can email him at [email protected].uk or call him on 07552 725 739.

Book your place now and come and join us – See you Thursday 19th May 2022

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Cancellation Policy: Please be aware that we do not accept cancellation of bookings for PSA meetings, as we make arrangements to support the number of places booked and incur costs that cannot often be recovered. If you have booked a place at a PSA event and are no longer able to attend, please ask around your local PSA community to see if another speaker wishes to attend in your place – we’re happy for you to transfer your booking, and just ask that you let us know by emailing [email protected].

Processing your personal data: Please note that when you book an event your data will be processed in accordance with the PSA’s Privacy Notice. When you register to attend a PSA event, we share your name and contact details with the person running the event. For regional meetings, this will be the Regional President. They may share these details with members of the Regional Committee, for the purposes of contacting you about the event, welcoming you, and following up with you afterwards..

We will be taking photographs throughout the event and may also be video recording the event. By purchasing a ticket you agree that all photography may be used at the discretion of the PSA and for the business of any speaker being filmed during the event. However, if you do not wish to appear or be identified in any photography or video footage please advise any Committee member on arrival at the event so we can, of course, accommodate your preference.

PSA Events Policy for Covid19

As the host of PSA events, we have taken all reasonable and appropriate precautions and followed the latest government guidelines when planning this event.

As a delegate at a PSA event, you must (1) follow the latest government guidelines; (2) take a lateral flow test before attending unless you have been fully vaccinated (we also recommend this for the safety of other delegates even where you have been fully vaccinated); (3) not attend if the test is positive or if you have any of the recognised symptoms of Covid.

Please read our PSA Events Policy for Covid for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: we are required to notify the venue of numbers for catering and refreshments by 10:00am Monday prior to the event. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee catering for any tickets booked after this time 

Welcome to PSA Thames Valley

Where is the Thames Valley anyway?!

We are the PSA region that covers the southern end of the country, which stretches from the west of London, following the river Thames and the M4, until the South West region takes over near Bristol. Our regular members come from as far afield as Cheltenham to the north west, Watford to the north east and Southampton on the south coast. It’s a big region with a great variety of PSA members joining us at our meetings.

For face-to-face events, we meet in Reading, just off the M4 at junction 11. It’s also quite easy to get to by train. We use a lovely light room which looks out over a lake and we even have a stage that you can stand on, to practice your professional speaking!

Helping you to speak more and speak better

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month every month.

What happens at our meetings? All the regions do it differently, so here’s what usually happens in the Thames Valley, on the 3rd Thursday of every month:

3:30pm – meet for tea, biscuits and bit of networking

4:00pm – if you’re in your seat you’ll be warmly welcomed and then we have a workshop until 5:30/6:00pm, during which time you’ll be treated to a wealth of knowledge, experience and tips from a professional speaker, on how to speak more or speak better – or both

6:00pm – for anyone who is new to the PSA, a nice committee member will spend some time with you, telling you a bit more about the benefits of joining this great group. The rest of us spend the whole hour enjoying a light buffet and doing more networking with the other nice members and guests at the meeting.

7:00pm – a great benefit of membership being able to present a 10 or 20 minute ‘show case’ to the group. You get to stand on the stage and deliver your talk. We then give you lots of really useful feedback, to help you to improve your speaking skills and content. Get in touch if you would like to book a show case slot.

8:00pm – the final session is usually a keynote type talk from a top quality speaker, who will share more advice with you on speaking more and speaking better. We finish the event at 9:00pm