South West Region

President: Mark Faithfull

Email: [email protected]

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Event dates for 2021

January 2021Tuesday 12th – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
February 2021Tuesday 9th
March 2021Tuesday 9th
April 2021Tuesday 13th
May 2021Tuesday 11th
June 2021Tuesday 8th
July 2021Tuesday 13th
August 2021Tuesday 10th
September 2021Tuesday 14th
October 2021No Event due to Speaker Business Summit
November 2021Tuesday 9th
December 2021Tuesday 14th

January 2021 – Making Sense Of 2021

Start the year strategically – and own 2021!

At PSA South West we will help you speak more, speak better and build your speaking business.

This event is online and visitors as well as old friends are welcome at every meeting.

This month the meeting includes networking time, a keynote presentation which will show you how to tell better stories through data, a short showcase from a member and the launch of our new Business Builder moment which will equip and challenge you to build your business in 2021.

Our keynote presentation is:

How to tell powerful and purposeful stories with data
– Sam Knowles

The most important skills in the modern knowledge economy are making sense of data and using insights extracted from data as the basis for impactful storytelling. The defining equation of our age is “Analytics + Storytelling = Influence”. In this inspiring yet practical keynote, critically-acclaimed author Sam Knowles sets out the Golden Rules of data storytelling. In the wake of coronavirus, where most storytelling takes place online, getting the balance right between numbers and narrative – between the rational and the emotional – has never mattered more. Sam will demonstrate clearly how to use data to best effect, online and offline.

Sam Knowles is the Founder & MD of data storytelling consultancy Insight Agents. His purpose is to help organisations talk Human and sound like people. An established and sought-after trainer, speaker, and podcaster, he is the co-founder and co-host of the Small Data Forum podcast and chair of I-COM’s Data Storytelling Council. Sam is the author of 2018’s best-selling book “Narrative by Numbers: How to Tell Powerful & Purposeful Stories with Data”. He followed this in May 2020 with the critically-acclaimed sequel, “How To Be Insightful: Unlocking the Superpower that Drives Innovation”.

We will also have a Showcase from Nick Cramp – ‘How to escape the success trap‘.

And the Launch of our new Business Builder Moment: with William Buist – this month’s topic is: ‘You’re setting your goals all wrong’.

You are warmly invited to join us at PSA South West and learn how to Own 2021!

Book Your Ticket:

Welcome to PSA South West

The South West Region is the newest of the PSA Regions and is based in Bristol, drawing in members from within the city, as well as those as far south as Exeter and as far north as Cheltenham.

Bristol is a vibrant city, with the fastest growing economy outside London, named by the Sunday Times as one of the Top 10 best cities in the world in 2014.

Our aims for the Region

The focus of the Regional events this year will be to bring the country’s most successful speaking professionals here to share their wisdom and experience and to encourage and nurture up-and-coming speakers in the South West area.

Where we meet…

The South West region meets at the Bristol Golf Club near the M4/M5 interchange. We start at 3pm with a workshop and have a supper break 5:40-6:30pm before returning to our evening speakers and showcases.  

VENUE: Bristol Golf Club, Blackhorse Hill, Bristol, BS10 7TP
Tel: 01454 620000

Typical agenda…

  • From 3 pm, Arrival, registration, refreshments and networking in the Terrace Room
  • 3:30 pm, Workshop
  • 5:50-6:30pm supper break (please pre-order directly with the golf club)
  • 6:30 pm, Showcases and two great keynote speakers
  • 9:00pm, event closes