North West Region

President: Chris Davidson

Email: [email protected]

Where is PSA North West?
The PSA North West region extends from Crewe to Carlisle, a distance of approximately 150 miles. Our members are fairly evenly distributed north and south of Manchester.
We meet in a hotel in Lymm, close to Warrington. It’s easy to access the venue via the local motorway network, while avoiding the worst of the heavy traffic to/from Manchester. The nearest railway station is Warring Bank Quay (and with enough notice, we can usually find a friendly member to offer visitors a lift.)
What goes on in your meetings?
We support the Association’s objectives of helping you speak more and better. We hold our meetings in the evening, starting at 1800. Many members chose to arrive earlier and grab a bite to eat at the hotel bar, in advance of the meeting. Meetings normally conclude by 2000, allowing people to mingle awhile prior to departure. We’re conscious that we’re a geographically large region and members travel significant distances to attend meetings. We want to get people home early and home safe.

Meeting Dates – 2020

January 2020 Wednesday 15th
February 2020 Wednesday 12th
March 2020 Wednesday 11th
April 2020 Thursday 23rd ONLINE
May 2020 Thursday 14th ONLINE
June 2020 Wednesday 17th
July 2020 Wednesday 15th
August 2020 Summer Break
September 2020 Wednesday 16th
October 2020 National Convention
November 2020 Thursday 12th
December 2020 Wednesday 9th
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