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Event Dates – 2021

MayThursday 6th – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
JuneThursday 3rd
JulyThursday 1st – Speaker Factor!
SeptemberThursday 2nd
NovemberThursday 4th
DecemberThursday 2nd

6th May 2021: Vocal Training, Awesome E-mails & Pushmi-Pullyu’s!

Our speakers this month are Anne Leatherland, Nathan Littleton and Lynda Shaw.

First up we have:

ANNE LEATHERLAND will be delivering her showcase: That’s how my voice is… or is it?

Many people believe that the voice they have is somehow fixed, or they feel that they would not sound authentic if they changed it in any way.

Well, your voice is a physical muscular system and like other body muscles it can be trained to work with flexibilitiy, stamina and skill. Your voice is also deeply linked to who you are as a person. These two things together make it a remarkable and powerful tool.

Anne will lead you through an exploration of how you can ring the changes with your voice, draw an emotional response from your audience, and still sound like you.

By listening to her speech you will learn…
1. Why and how your voice is your greatest asset
2. That your voice is not a fixed thing; you can learn to change it to suit different situations
3. Three vocal archetypes and understand which one is yours!

Anne is a Vocal Trainer and Personal Growth Coach. She has over twenty years’ experience in vocal troubleshooting and helping people to communicate effectively, whether that be with spoken or sung voice. She has worked with singers and actors in training for the profession in Liverpool, and with the Lowry as part of their “developed with” programme. In 2014 She was a finalist for the British Voice Association Van Lawrence Award for voice research.

Anne is proud to be the owner of VocAL Intuition, which offers training and support for all who use their voice as part of their business, as well as INSET for healthy voice use.

NATHAN LITTLETON is a communications expert and he will be showing us how to make sure our e-mails get attention with his talk: Speaker Lead Magnets: How to build a list to boost your speaking business

Wouldn’t it be great if every website visitor, sales conversation and chance encounter led to people falling over themselves to do business with us? That’s rarely ever the case but making sure you’re top of mind with those people when they need you is easier than you might think!

That’s why your email marketing list is one of the most important assets in your business.

Building that list with the right kinds of people is an art, a science, and all too often a mystery. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this session, I’ll show you how to create powerful lead magnets that build your list while you sleep!

In this session, you will:
– Learn the four ingredients for high-quality lead magnets that people actually want to read
– Discover the tried, tested and proven content that your readers will love
– Find out exactly how to pull it all together to generate leads, sales and cash in the bank!

Followed by LYNDA SHAW, who by then will be our New National President!

Lynda describes herself as a Neuroscientist, Business Psychologist, Change Specialist, Founder of The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme and Fun Seeker.

With her talk: The Pushmi-pullyu, the Pegasus and the Statue!

What’s the difference between a pushmi-pullyu, a pegasus and a statue? One doesn’t know which way to go and is indecisive, one is powerful and flies high and the other stays still only to get sat on and shat upon.

This fun, interactive talk will give you a whole new way of seeing your business and examine where you go from here

6pm – Intro and news from Home Counties North Regional President, Yvonne Emery
6:05 – Networking and introductions
6:25 – Showcase speaker – Anne Leatherland (15 mins)
6:40 – Feedback, Breakouts and Announcements
7:00 – Keynote Speaker – Nathan Littleton (45 mins)
7:45 – Comfort Break
7:55 – Keynote Speaker – Lynda Shaw (35 mins)
8:20 – Q&A, Voting, and closing thoughts from our Regional President
8:30 – Close…Stick around for an optional informal chat until 9pm

We look forward to welcoming you to PSA Home Counties North online!

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Welcome to PSA Home Counties North

The PSA Home Counties North (formerly East of England) covers a wide area including East Anglia, Milton Keynes and Peterborough are our main locations.

The Home Counties North Region meetings alternate between Milton Keynes and locations in the South of the region (St Albans/Stevenage).

If you speak for a living, or your job involves you speaking you’ll have an opportunity to learn from others like you when you attend one of our meetings.