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Event Dates – 2021

NovemberThursday 4th – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW
DecemberThursday 2nd

PSA Home Counties North November 2021: Silence, Significance & Heart-Shaped Decisions

Come and join us in November for Silence, Significance and Heart-Shaped Decisions!

Our Showcase speaker is LOUISE CAMBY whom I heard speak at the London region and just had to ask her to come and speak for us at HCN.

Louise’s talk is about – Facing my fear and finding my voice‘.

She will share her journey from fearing speaking publicly to finding her voice, losing her voice and then finding it again. How her voice is an integral part of both her work and personal life and has become the main tool of her trade.

Louise has been recording her voice for videos and telephone software for 15 years and been presenting to audiences like the WI, Rotary and Probus for the past 7 years giving talks on her various businesses. Louise has a good work life balance and enjoys many hobbies some of which are: Amateur Dramatics, cycling, snooker, playing football with a ladies team, skiing and during lockdown started running. She isn’t enjoying the running yet!!!

Our first Keynote speaker is SYLVIA BALDOCK who will show us how to Counteract Imposter Syndrome by Becoming More Significant.

When faced with fear and doubt, “Imposter Syndrome” rears its ugly head and the brain’s overwhelming desire to keep us safe means that it will dive into protection mode and keep us firmly in our comfort zone.

This Masterclass delivers the key learnings from a 6-week transformational programme that empowers people to thrive through change and challenge. It enables you to connect to your unique value and to bring a fully re-charged, enlightened and energised version of yourself into the workplace and life.

After hearing from Sylvia you will know how to:
• Recognise when Imposter Syndrome is impacting on you
• Create an empowered version of ‘YOU’
• Become more visible, credible and profitable by Becoming More Significant

She is an Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Personal Impact Thought Leader, TEDx Speaker & Presentation Skills Expert, Executive Coach/Mentor, Author and Podcast Host

Sylvia has been presenting and training since childhood when she was actively encouraged to speak at church from an early age. At the tender age of 13yrs she spoke regularly at a youth group for troubled young people created by herself and older brothers.

During the current pandemic, Sylvia launched the ‘Becoming More Significant’ online programme for groups and individuals which has been transformational for all participants. She is also in the final stages of writing her book on ‘Becoming More Significant’ and hosts the ‘Becoming More Significant’ Podcast.

Our second keynote speaker is the inspiring GRAHAM FROST will talk to us about Making Heart-Shaped Decisions.

Was becoming a professional speaker a Heart-Shaped Decision for you?

It was for Graham Frost. Several years ago he was asked to do a talk about his very unusual early life to a group of young people. Afterwards, two young men came up and told Graham he had inspired them.

Graham Frost is the most unlikely person ever to become a professional speaker.

He will share some of his story with you, and inspire you to make your own Heart-Shaped Decisions in your business and personal life:

– You will learn how to turn adversity into something positive
– You will discover how to make a Heart-Shaped Decision
– You will be inspired to make changes in your personal and professional life

Graham Frost escaped from a strict church at the age of 17. By the age of 19, he was in a young offenders’ prison for stealing. At 22, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.
These three events shaped Graham’s life.

After a career in hospitality and Learning & Development, Graham decided to tell his story, mainly to young people, to help them make their own Heart-Shaped Decisions and have the life that they are truly capable of.

After the meeting you are welcome to join us for more informal networking until 9pm.


6pm – Intro and news from Home Counties North Regional President, Yvonne Emery
6:05 – Networking and introductions
6:25 – Showcase speaker – Louise Camby (15 mins)
6.40 – feedback
6:45 – Keynote speaker – Sylvia Baldock (40 mins)
7:25 – Comfort Break
7:35 – Keynote Speaker – Graham Frost (45 mins)
8:20 – Q&A, Voting, and closing thoughts from our Regional President
8:30 – Close…Stick around for informal networking until 9pm

Looking forward to seeing you in November for this fabulous line up of speakers.
Yvonne and the team at Home Counties North

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