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Event Dates 2021

JuneWednesday 2nd – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
JulyWednesday 7th
AugustWednesday 4th
SeptemberWednesday 1st
NovemberWednesday 3rd
DecemberWednesday 1st

2nd June 2021: Jolly June

We’re looking forward to a Jolly June event at PSA East Midlands!

Anna Turney – Paralympian and TEDx speaker

The need for adaptability to cope with change is evident but what can elite sport teach us about resilience at work?

Drawing on her own experiences and psychological research, Anna will share techniques for building sustainable habits which will help you to:
• choose your mindset,
• build a facilitative environment and
• support your teams to develop the resilience and self-belief to overcome adversity and focus on success.

Derek Cheshire
Soup, Jugaad, and Chai

This is about the future of Innovation, what it will look like post COVID and way beyond. How will we all cope, how will we create a ‘different’ that is different enough to attract customers and beat off the competition?

This will require different structures, strategies, processes and behaviours. These are addressed through the metaphors contained in the title.

Derek spent a number of years working in the Software and Telecommunications industries, asking searching questions and being told ‘that’s the way we have always done things around here’.

He still asks ‘why’ but now he uses his experience and know how to help organisations Innovate.

Lynda Shaw
The Pushmi-Pullyu, the Pegasus and the Statue

What’s the difference between a pushmi-pullyu, a pegasus and a statue? One doesn’t know which way to go and is indecisive, one is powerful and flies high and the other stays still only to get sat on and shat upon! This fun, interactive talk will give you a whole new way of seeing your business and examine where you go from here.

Lynda is our new National President and extremely proud of her PSAE award. She is an experienced entrepreneur, having owned 3 businesses.  She holds a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience, specialising in unconscious processing of emotion and behavioural change.  She is founder of the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme and The Learning Lab, designed to help professional people use applied neuroscience in their work. Lynda’s work is always informative, fun and extremely practical.

She works with senior leaders and their teams who want to better understand the science of change and development.  So what’s in Lynda’s talk for you? Having  a heightened awareness of how your brains works and what your limiting beliefs are, enables you to take charge of your behaviors for the better in this fast-changing world. Be ready to re-wire your brain!


  • You will leave this talk with a new ways of seeing your business
  • It will open up options that you hadn’t thought were available to you
  • And you will have a lot of fun

5.50pm – Doors open
6pm – Welcome
6.05pm – Showcase Anna Turney
6.35pm – Derek Cheshire
7.35pm – Lynda Shaw
8.30pm – Close informal networking until 9pm

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Welcome to PSA East Midlands

The East Midlands is the newest region of the Professional Speaking Association. Formed for speakers in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and South Yorkshire – and visitors from other places – we have been creating fun-filled valuable events since December 2018.

At an East Midlands PSA meeting you’ll get:

  • A warm and friendly welcome
  • Great food
  • Easy and useful networking chats with other speakers from the region and elsewhere
  • Speakers practicing new material and inviting audience feedback (showcases)
  • Experienced speakers, often visiting Fellows from other regions and other countries, offering a ‘keynote’ which helps develop one of the two PSA aims
  • PSA aims: To speak more (building your speaking business) and to speak better (improve the quality of your content and delivery).

Each PSA region is run by members and Fellows of the Association who offer their time voluntarily to make the events worthwhile and enjoyable. Being a part of the committee is a great way to get to know everyone and expand your network.

If you are a member or a Fellow of the PSA and would like to speak at our East Midlands event, we’d be delighted to receive your information via the form.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line via email: [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you to a fabulous event soon!