President’s Welcome

Hello and welcome to this amazing organisation called The Professional Speaking Association.

Whatever your background and experience, I’m extremely proud to be part of a team that is here to serve you in your quest to develop and grow your speaking skills and business.

We have approximately 650 members, and no one person is the same.  Trainers, coaches, keynote speakers, after dinner speakers, emcees and people who need to deliver first-class presentations in their place of work. Everyone benefits from belonging to the PSA community.

About ten years ago, my journey began with a strong desire to be a speaker, and I took a leap of faith and joined the PSA. I went from associate to professional member, to fellow, to board member and now National President and all the time, I have been learning and continue to learn. My speaking business has gone from strength to strength, meeting some fantastic people and making so many friends along the way. In fact, I wouldn’t know what to do without the PSA in my life.

If you are a member, you will know exactly what I mean, and if you are considering joining us, then we are all here to encourage you. We are an association that prides itself on supporting one another.

One of the vehicles to achieve this is an inspiring menu of events each year, with over 100 regional events across the UK and Ireland for you to choose from.  Why not pop over to the drop-down menu ‘events’ and take a look?  In fact, have a meander around the site; it’s full of valuable information.

My style is always to be informative, useful and fun.  With that in mind, my theme for my term as president is ‘Going for Growth’.  It is impossible to stand still, but we can decide how we wish to grow. 

That’s why I have chosen five sub-themes for you to identify with and explore for future reference.  These are ‘Growing it Alone’, ‘Growing with a Team’, ‘Growing with Collaboration’, ‘Growing New Seeds’, and ‘Growing the Whole You’.

And guess what?  Our annual speaking summit where top speakers from around the world will gather for ‘Going for Growth’ will be a deep dive into these topics, guaranteed to deliver a professional platform of practical learnings and a lot of fun.

The dates are 8th – 10th October 2021.  Grab your tickets as soon as possible; this is going to be a rollercoaster of stimulation that you do not want to miss.

Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting you at the regional events.

Warmest regards,

Lynda Shaw PSAE
National President of the PSA 2021-2022