Presidents’ Welcome

It is my privilege and honour to step into the role of President this year. I look forward to serving and supporting our members and representing PSA UKI around the world.

The theme of my year is ‘Relevance’ and it’s a theme that is close to my heart. As an international speaker, trainer and coach, like many others, I work to provide the highest quality and value for each piece of work delivered. The year of ‘Relevance’ will take us on a journey to find new and creative ways to offer more value to our clients; to evaluate and sharpen the delivery and service that we offer.

There will be opportunity for us to examine new waves of future working and further opportunity to weave those ideas into our businesses, to help us stay relevant in a changing world.

All that said, we want to continue to make what we do count in the lives of the people we serve.

I am proud to belong to a community of people that I can call friends and colleagues as we continue to work together to serve our clients, our audiences and each other.

Joy Marsden
National President of the PSA, 2018-19