Apply to be a Fellow of the PSA

£250 per year

Fellows are individuals who meet all the requirements for being a Professional Member. In addition, applicants for Fellowship must also meet the following criteria (as of March 2015):

  • At least one year’s continuous membership of PSA
  • Thirty-five thousand pounds (£35,000) of gross income from speaking and speaking-related activities (see note below) for each of two years in the preceding four year period. Evidence of income must be supplied (names of clients, dates, invoices, bank statements etc.)
  • Speaking professionally for a minimum period of three years
  • Sponsors must be Fellows and must have no professional or business relationship with the applicant that could be construed as a conflict of interest
  • PSA subscription in good standing
  • Compliance with the PSA code of ethics, and no ethical sanctions levied by PSA or any member of GSF for the previous five years
  • If the applicant has not been seen speaking to a live audience by the proposer or seconder, applications must include a video recording of the applicant speaking to a live audience. The video must be of one of the presentations being counted in the application
  • Details of five clients who might be contacted for verification of fee and testimonial purposes
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the PSA, in terms of support for aspiring speakers and attendance at regional and national events
  • No objections received from other Fellows, or if objections are received, they are deemed irrelevant by the PSA Board
  • A final review by the PSA Board to ensure that professional standards being are upheld

NOTE: Speaking-related income is that which accrues as a direct result of a speaking engagement, and includes, but is not limited to, book and DVD sales, online courses, offline courses, webinars and digital services.

Fee: £250 per year

  • Select at least one. However you can select as many as you like.
  • Please list your TEN most recent speaking events for audiences of 3 or more people. (Click the + sign to add new lines.)
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  • Please list FIVE clients we may contact should we wish to find out more information about your work. (Click the + sign to add new lines)
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  • You need to earn more than £35,000 in each of two years out of the previous four years from speaking related income. (Your total income for any two of the past four years must therefore be greater tyan £70,000.) Speaking-related income is that which accrues as a direct result of a speaking engagement, and includes, but is not limited to, book and DVD sales, online courses, offline courses, webinars and digital services.
  • Please upload copies of invoices as a PDF or in a ZIP file so that we can confirm you meet the financial requirements for Fellowship. Your invoices will remain confidential and will only be seen by the membership officers of the PSA.
    Accepted file types: pdf, zip.
  • Please provide a link to a video of you speaking, either on YouTube or another online video service or your own website.
  • The name of your first proposer. You require TWO proposers who can be either Professional Members or Fellows. Associate Members cannot propose you for this grade of membership.
  • The name of your second proposer.
  • Please enter the date on which one of your proposers saw you speak. You must have been seen speaking within the last 12 months.
  • Fellows are required to provide some degree of support to aspiring speakers or other members of the PSA. How do you do that?
  • Just provide the total number of PSA events you have attended. This can include Regional Meetings or national events such as our conventions.
    Please enter a value greater than or equal to 0.
    Fellows are required to have been speaking professionally for three years or more.
    You are required to agree to the ethical code of conduct of the PSA. (Link opens in new tab)
  • There is a £100 application fee for consideration of your application. This will be charged on submitting this form in addition to the first annual membership fee. The application fee covers the administration costs of upgrading.
    Price: £ 100.00
  • This is a recurring annual payment for Professional Membership of the PSA. You will be charged £250 now and again on each anniversary of your membership.
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  • When I submit this form, I understand that the PSA will process my information in accordance with its Privacy Notice.
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