Apply to be a Fellow of the PSA

£250 per year

Fellows are individuals who meet all the requirements for being a Professional Member. In addition, applicants for Fellowship must also meet the following criteria (as of March 2015):

  • At least one year’s continuous membership of PSA
  • Thirty-five thousand pounds (£35,000) of gross income from speaking and speaking-related activities (see note below) for each of two years in the preceding four year period. Evidence of income must be supplied (names of clients, dates, invoices, bank statements etc.)
  • Speaking professionally for a minimum period of three years
  • Sponsors must be Fellows and must have no professional or business relationship with the applicant that could be construed as a conflict of interest, and may not be a current member of the PSA board
  • PSA subscription in good standing
  • Compliance with the PSA code of ethics, and no ethical sanctions levied by PSA or any member of GSF for the previous five years
  • If the applicant has not been seen speaking to a live audience by the proposer or seconder, applications must include a video recording of the applicant speaking to a live audience. The video must be of one of the presentations being counted in the application
  • Details of five clients who might be contacted for verification of fee and testimonial purposes
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the PSA, in terms of support for aspiring speakers and attendance at regional and national events
  • No objections received from other Fellows, or if objections are received, they are deemed irrelevant by the PSA Board
  • A final review by the PSA Board to ensure that professional standards being are upheld

NOTE: Speaking-related income is that which accrues as a direct result of a speaking engagement, and includes, but is not limited to, book and DVD sales, online courses, offline courses, webinars and digital services.

Fee: £250 per year