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Advice from other speakers

The PSA has experts in all walks of business and personal development. Being part of our organisation means you can meet these people and share tips, ideas and support each other to help improve your speaking business. There are many “Mastermind Groups” within the PSA where small groups of speaking friends get together to help each other speak more and speak better.

Over 100 meetings a year

The PSA has 13 Regions and almost 600 members throughout the UK and Ireland. Each of the Regions has regular meetings. You can attend over 100 of these Regional Meetings with colleagues who will help you speak more and speak better by learning from each other. In addition to these meetings we also have two National Meetings each year, a Spring Meeting in April and our MEGA Convention, held every October. Plus, there are special events throughout the year and events for Fellows.

The coronavirus is a growing public health concern that is continuing to have a significant impact throughout the international events and conference industry. In light of this, we ask our members to remain vigilant and mindful of others when deciding if they should attend our events. We currently have no plans to cancel events, however, we are keeping an eye on the official guidance and will be continually reviewing this. We ask that you follow current advice from the government and regional Health Organisations, in regards to your own level of risk. We recommend that when attending our events you follow the recommended personal precautions.

Rebecca Jones, PSA Chair