The PSA Jargon Buster

Booker: Anyone who books you for a speaking opportunity.

Foundation: Fund to discreetly support PSA members who need it.

Inspire: The annual PSA convention, held in October.

Keynote: Speech on the main stage. Not just an opening speech that sets the tone for an event.

Live: A one-day convention that used to be held in April. Now replaced by Inspire (the PSA annual convention).

Mastermind: People who meet regularly to help each other grow their businesses.

Mega: The old name for Inspire (the PSA annual convention).

Member: Used with lower case m to mean any member of the PSA (someone who’s paid to join at any level), and with upper case M to mean Professional Member (not an Associate Member, Fellow or guest).

Nugget: Bitesize chunk of useful information.

Professional: Used both as an adjective (meaning he/she speaks in a professional manner), and as a noun (meaning he/she earns money from speaking).

Showcase: A speech you deliver to your target audience at no charge in order to ‘showcase’ your expertise. Also a speech given at a PSA meeting in order to receive feedback.

Speaker: Trainer, presenter or expert who speaks.

Speaker bureau: Agency for speakers. They usually invite you to join them rather than the other way around, and take a % of fees they win for you.

Speaker Factor: Our annual competition to find the best new speaker.

Takeaway: What your audience learn from your speech.

Toastmaster: Member of Toastmasters International – the organisation that’s a good ‘fit’ with the PSA. Also ‘toastmaster’ – the host of an event / MC / compere.


Thanks to Jackie Barrie for this useful jargon buster.