Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions we most frequently get asked about this web site and the PSA in general.

What is the GSF?
The GSF is the Global Speakers Federation. Members of the PSA are automatically included in the GSF membership and are entitled to member rates at meetings of other GSF organisations.

Who should I contact for further information?
For further information about the PSA contact our Operations Manager on 0333 444 8910 or using the form on the contacts page.

What is the PSA’s phone number?
The PSA switchboard number is 0333 444 8910

Who are the Board Directors?
The Board Directors are volunteer Members and Fellows who are elected by the Annual General Meeting to run the PSA. A list of Directors can be found on The Board of Directors Page

How much does it cost to join the PSA?
The cost of membership depends upon each grade. Associate Membership costs £150 per year. Professional Membership costs £225 per year. Fellowship costs £250 per year. The minimum length of membership is 12 months from date of application.

How do your process payments?
Please see our separate payments FAQs page.

How do you assess membership applications?
Membership applications are assessed initially by the Operations Team to ensure the form has been completed correctly. Our Membership Chair can ask the applicant for more information, or recommend that the application be accepted or denied. The final decision on membership applications is made by the Board of Directors. In the case of Fellows there is also a peer review by all existing Fellows.

What are the differences between the grades of membership?
“Associate Memberss” are people who are in related professions or businesses or who are intending to take up a career involving professional speaking.
“Professional Members” are people who can demonstrate they are earning money from professional speaking.
“Fellows” are highly experienced speakers who are deemed by their peers to be at the peak of the profession with considerable experience.

Are trainers accepted as members of the PSA?
Yes, trainers can apply to be members.

What are “sponsors”?
Sponsors are individuals who are Members or Fellows of the PSA who vouch for applicants and help assess their suitability for membership of the PSA. At least one sponsor must have seen an applicant give a talk at an event.

Who should I choose as a sponsor?
Your choice of sponsor is important as they will influence the likely success of your application for Professional Member or Fellow. You will need a sponsor who knows you and your work and who can honestly comment on your professionalism and speaking abilities. You would not benefit from a sponsor who only make perfunctory comments on your performance as a professional speaker; you need someone who is able to critically analyse your work. Wherever possible you should choose a Fellow as a sponsor.

How do I complain about members?
If you have any reason to complain about members of the PSA you need to contact our Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. They review complaints about all members and take action as appropriate. Members can be suspended or dismissed from the PSA for any ethical malpractice.