Inspire 2019 programme

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Friday 4th October

11:00GSF meetingSyndicate room
New members and first-timers meeting
14:00WelcomeMain room
14:15Susan Luke-Evans:
Live an Amazing Story and Leave a Lasting Legacy
Main room
14:50Steve Robinson:
Anything Is Possible
Main room
15:45Speaker factor 2018 winner: Leon Bamforth:
How to win in business by losing the argument
Main room
16:10Shelle Rose Charvet:
Influencing and Persuading from the Stage
Main room
17:15Speaker factor semi-finalsSyndicate room
19:30Informal dinner
21:00Comedy night

Saturday 5th October

09:15WelcomeMain room
09:25Terry Brock:
Compelling Content is King, Queen, and Creates Cash - Content Creation Now and Into the 2020’s
Main room
10:05Cathy O'Dowd:
Think Like An Explorer - staying ahead of the competition
Main room
10:40Will Kintish:
The Relevance of the Question
Main room
11:35Claire Young:
How to work with a speaking agency
Workshop room 1
Julie French and Tony Burgess:
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - discover the value of duo delivery
Workshop room 2
Richard Hagen:
How to make sure the book you write gets maximum results for your business by being relevant to your readers - a publisher’s perspective
Workshop room 3
12:15Heather Townsend:
How to earn money while you sleep as a speaker
Workshop room 1
Catherine Malloy:
Speak their Language - your International body language Masterclass
Workshop room 2
Penny Pullan:
Virtual Leadership for Speakers
Workshop room 3
14:00Meet the ExpertsMain room
15:40Speaker Factor FinalsMain room
16:20Tim Gard:
Laughter Becomes you
Main room
17:30AGMSyndicate room
19:00Pre-dinner drinks
19:30Gala dinner and awards ceremony

Sunday 6th October

9:30WelcomeMain room
9:40David McQueen:
The Secret Sauce - The Secret Sauce
The Simple Trick That Will Elevate Your Speeches From Good to Great...and Beyond!
Main room
10:10Joanne Lockwood:
Engage with all your audience - not just those like you
Main room
10:40Michelle Mills-Porter:
Motivational Story, storytelling, what's behind motivation and what it takes for successful collaboration
Main room
11:40Panel discussion hosted by Steve Bustin with:
Heather Townsend,
Maria Franzoni,
Lee Jackson
Main room
12:10Paul McGee:
From the beef burger line to the Sunday Times – the roller coaster ride of The SUMO Guy and what you can learn from it
Main room

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