Inspire 2019: Call for speakers

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the PSA Inspire 2019 Convention.

4th-6th October 2019

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Coventry
Paradise Way
Walsgrave Triangle

The theme for this year is Relevance – Make it Count!

Please provide details of your proposed session in the form below.

Remember to book your ticket too.

  • This is just your name. If you are presenting with other people, each presenter needs to complete this form independently.
  • Used in event promotion activity
  • If you wish to participate in more than one session, please complete this form separately for each session. (We appreciate this takes a little more time, but with so many possibilities it makes a single form much too complicated).
  • What level(s) of PSA membership is this session most applicable to? Tick all that apply.
  • Tip: demonstrate the value of what you will share to your audience of speakers
  • A few lines to introduce your talk; about 50-100 words should do
  • Aim for around 3 specific takeaways that will get our audience curious and excited
  • Please provide details (session name, session type, location, date) of three recent speaking engagements.
  • Please provide the URL of a video showing you speaking (e.g. YouTube). A video of you delivering this proposed session would be best, if available.
  • Please provide contact details (name, email and telephone number) of two people who have seen you speak. By providing their details here you confirm you have their permission to share their details with the PSA, and for the PSA to contact them about this application.
  • Around 100 words
  • Around 100 words
  • Please upload a recent photograph of you in JPEG format. This will be used in the event promotion.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg.
  • A flip chart and projector are provided for keynote and workshop sessions. Please advise if you require any additional equipment.
  • Guidelines and confirmations

    Our meetings have four aims:

    • To demonstrate the very highest standards of speaking
    • To help members develop their professional speaking careers so they can speak more and speak better
    • To provide both speakers and delegates with the opportunity to make new and potentially life-changing contacts with like-minded people
    • To interest, entertain and give value

    It is our intention that our meetings always aspire to the very highest standards and we would therefore ask you to follow these guidelines:

    • Rehearse, dress and perform as you would for your largest and most prestigious audience
    • Please commit to the event in the same way – we take your acceptance of our offer to speak as a firm booking on both sides
    • Simply be perfect on timings
    • Please let us have a compelling title, overview for your speech/workshop and bio
      well-ahead of the event and before the deadline you are given. Please ensure that you talk to this
    • Please avoid overtly selling of you, your programmes or your products during your talk. Some Regions have “back of the room” tables which you can use. Seek the advice of the Regional President if it is a Regional Event or the President if a national event.
    • Please let us have at least one month in advance the introduction you would like the MC to use

    In completing this form, you confirm that:

    • The talk(s) you give at the PSA are your own original material
    • You own the copyright in all materials you use or you have copyright clearance or relevant rights to use such materials
    • You will not use music, video or other content without relevant broadcast rights or licences in place (most hotels, conference venues and educational establishments are covered)
    • You will provide the PSA with copies of any licence agreements should you be asked
    • In the event you are unable to make the agreed dates and times for your talk(s) you will notify the organiser as soon as possible in advance and help provide a replacement speaker if possible
    • You agree that the PSA may photograph or record your talk and use the images, audio or video in promotional materials, such as on social networking groups. You may request copies of any materials so that you can also use them in your own promotional activities. Equally if you do not wish your talk recorded or shared you will let the organisers know well in advance of the event.
    • You understand that the PSA will process your information in accordance with its Privacy Notice, and may share this information with providers of venue and event services, all current Regional Presidents of the PSA, and members of their committees, for the purposes of:
      • determining which Regions would like to invite you to speak
      • publicising your talk
      • administering the event