INSPIRE 2018: Your Adventurous PSA Convention!

Inspire 2018 is set to be the best annual PSA UK&I convention yet!

With three days of intensive workshops, valuable networking and mind-blowing speakers from around the world, we’re bringing together the finest that our profession has to offer.

The theme of Inspire 2018 is Adventure. Speaking is an adventurous career – not for the faint hearted. As PSA President, Tiffany Kemp, says “Every adventure has an element of peril. Without some possibility of danger, it’s not an adventure, it’s an outing!”

Our convention will help you maximise the thrills of your speaking adventure while keeping the perils under control.

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Here’s what’s happening…

Friday 5th October

Friday will be unlike anything you’ve seen before – it’s all about DOING – incredible workshops from some of the best trainers and facilitators in the world that will help you speak morespeak better, and speak globally.

But we won’t just leave you brimming with new ideas… From every Friday session, you’ll leave the room having taken the first practical steps in turning those ideas into results.

This year’s now infamous comedy night will be leaner, meaner and keener than ever before. With some great home-grown talent as well as some fabulous guests from overseas, you’ll laugh ‘til you cry.

Time Room Event Speaker
10:00 Atrium Registration
10:35 Conference Room 1 Speak More (1st Workshop) Janice B Gordon

How to Influence the Influencers and Scale Your Sales

Conference Room 2 Speak Better (1st Workshop) Steve Head

Making the 1% Difference
The secrets of Cheering people up against their will!!!

Conference Room 3 Speak Globally (1st Workshop) Alan Stevens and Lesley Everett

How to earn air miles, have fun and speak for money.

11:30 Atrium Coffee
12:05 Conference Room 1 Speak More (2nd Workshop) Alec Drew

Your Speaker’s Roadmap to Success

Conference Room 2 Speak Better (2nd Workshop) Jeremy Nicholas

Talking Funny – How to add humour to your presentation

Conference Room 3 Speak Globally (2nd Workshop) Elias Kanaris

How to Get Your Fellow By Building a Global Business

13:00 Atrium Lunch
14:05 Conference Room 1 Speak More (3rd Workshop) Jayne Lowell

The 7-Figure Mindset Formula

Conference Room 2 Speak Better (3rd Workshop) Susan Luke Evans

Live Your Story; Build & Leave Your Legacy

Conference Room 3 Speak Globally (3rd Workshop) David Pissara

Podcasting for Professionals – Workshop

14:50 Conference Room 1 Speak More (4th Workshop) Philip Calvert

How speakers can use LinkedIn and Funnel Marketing to attract more of the enquiries they really want

Conference Room 2 Speak Better (4th Workshop) Maggie Georgeopoulos

Mental Health is NOT a Dirty Word: How to accelerate your speaking business by looking after your mental health

Conference Room 3 Speak Globally (4th Workshop) Steve Lowell
15:30 Atrium Coffee
16:00 Conference Room 1 Speaker Factor Semi-Finals
17:30 Conference Room 1 PSA Annual General Meeting Tim Luscombe
19:30 Atrium Buffet Supper
20:00 Conference Theatre Comedy Night
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Saturday 6th October

Saturday is a combination of pure inspiration and actionable wisdom. With keynote sessions from amazing speakers including PSA Founder, Rikki Arundel and Global Speaking Fellow Fredrik Haren, you won’t want to miss a moment. And our Meet the Experts session is your chance to get up close and personal, learning tips and tricks from the very best in our profession.

As always, the Gala Dinner will be your chance to network in style, enjoying dinner and drinking while celebrating the achievements of outstanding members of our speaking community.

Time Room Event Speaker
08:30 Atrium Coffee
09:00 Banqueting Suite Conference Kickoff
09:05 Banqueting Suite Opening Keynote Rikki Arundel

Extraordinary Moments

09:50 Banqueting Suite Second Keynote Fredrik Haren

In the head of a global keynote speaker

10:30 Atrium Coffee
11:00 Banqueting Suite Third Keynote Caspar Craven

Stories into Speeches: turning family experiences into corporate keynotes

11:30 Banqueting Suite Fourth Keynote Julie Holmes

PSA: What have you done for me lately?

12:00 Banqueting Suite Fifth Keynote Deri Llewellyn Davies

Life’s great adventure – No regrets

12:30 Banqueting Suite Last Year’s Speaker Factor Winner Heather Wright

How to Find Your VOICE

12:45 Atrium Lunch
13:45 Banqueting Suite Meet the Experts
14:45 Banqueting Suite Speaker Factor Finals
15:15 Atrium Coffee
15:30 Banqueting Suite Announcement of Speaker Factor Winner, and Regional Speaker and Member of the Year Awards
16:00 Banqueting Suite Sixth Keynote David Meade

Adventurous Decisions

16:30 Banqueting Suite Closing Keynote Julie Creffield
17:00 Banqueting Suite President Closes Tiffany Kemp
19:00 Atrium Drinks
19:30 Banqueting Suite Gala Dinner
21:15 Banqueting Suite Foundation Auction
21:30 Banqueting Suite Awards
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Sunday 7th October

Sunday will close the convention not with a whisper, but with a bang! Split into streams for Associates, Members and Fellows, it will focus on how to move each of us to the next level in our speaking careers. With each stream finishing with a barn-storming keynote, you’ll leave on a high to launch the adventure of your next speaking year!

Time Room Event Speaker
09:30 Atrium Coffee
10:00 Conference Room 1 Associates (1st Workshop) Eamonn O’Brien and Lynda Shaw

Secrets to becoming a mind-blowing storyteller: The art and science behind stories that inspire

Conference Room 2 Members (1st Workshop) Kevin Kerley

Working with Executive Peer Groups

Conference Room 3 Fellows (1st Workshop) Penny Haslam

Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous: How to be Brilliant on TV & Radio So You Get Asked Back

10:45 Atrium Coffee
11:00 Conference Room 1 Associates (2nd Workshop) Lee Jackson

Get Good At Speaking – 10 years in PSA, things I wish I’d learnt earlier as a Pro Speaker

Conference Room 2 Members (2nd Workshop) David Abbott

How To Get A Higher Price

Conference Room 3 Fellows (2nd Workshop) Ilja Grzeskowitz

Making a Difference – How to go from Zero to Hero as a Professional Speaker

11:45 Conference Room 1 Associates Closing Keynote Bryony Thomas

The Curious Rebellion of a Multi-Million Pound Cat Thief

Conference Room 2 Members Closing Keynote Steve Bustin

Is this the face of a speaker – or the face of a scammer?  

Conference Room 3 Fellows Closing Keynote Jason Butler


Simple ways to worry less and live more

12:30 – 14:30 Conference Room 2 Regional Presidents’ Luncheon
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Destination Nottingham

This year we are at the East Midlands Conference Centre, in Nottingham.

It is just 10 minutes from the M1, 20-minutes from East Midlands Airport and 5 minutes from Nottingham Railway Station.


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