President of the Fellows Community Application

We need a new President of the Fellows Community

The President of the Fellows Community term is due to end soon and as such The PSA Board and Fellows Community are inviting applications for an individual to take up this post.

The PSA is committed to its focus on diversity and inclusion and is constantly striving to improve in this area. We value everyone in the PSA, regardless of gender, disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs. 

The purpose of the role is to represent the Fellows Community to the Board of the PSA, organise and facilitate meetings for Fellows of the PSA and act as a liaison to the Membership Director and Head Office on administrative and strategic matters related to Fellows and applications to become a Fellow.

Fellows Forums currently take place four times a year around the UK and Ireland or virtually during periods of lockdown/restricted travel, including one Forum to take place at or around the Annual Convention.
The role will be supported by the board and the operations team in the same manner as the Regional Presidents and the President of the Fellows Community will be bound by the same rules and procedures as other volunteers, particularly concerning data protection and privacy.

Is this you? 

Do you feel you have relevant skills or qualifications, a desire to support the PSA through an exciting time of growth and you are an existing Fellow of the PSA? If so, please apply now. For a general discussion about the role please email our current President of the Fellows Community, Andy Lopata, [email protected]

For more information and to apply please complete the form.

The deadline for applications is the 21st September 2021

The current President of the Fellows Community and a PSA Board member will select a shortlist of up to three candidates, and these will be circulated to the Fellows Community for a vote.

The deadline for applications has now passed.