Consent and Release Form for Filming & Photography

  • This form is intended to help us (The Professional Speaking Association) and you (the speaker) to understand our respective rights over photographs, images, screenshots and video in which you appear, including video which is taken at our events (virtual or face-to-face), or video and text which you submit to our Speakers’ Hub.

    Please read it carefully and ask any questions you have as we want you to understand what our intentions are and what rights you are granting to us.

    1. The Materials

    This form covers:

    • Photographs, images, screenshots and video in which you appear taken or recorded by or on behalf of The PSA (our materials).
    • Video recordings, text and other materials you are providing to The PSA to be used on The Speakers’ Hub or any website we own or operate (your materials).

    2. The Speakers’ Hub

    The Speakers’ Hub is a collection of videos from associates, members and fellows of the Professional Speaking Association.  The Speakers’ Hub will make your materials available to PSA associates, members and fellows via a password-protected webpage. However we cannot guarantee access is restricted to current associates, members and fellows of the PSA as we do not verify membership numbers or that membership fees have been paid.

    The purpose of these videos and other materials is to:

    • Demonstrate the highest standards of speaking within the PSA.
    • Help members develop aspects of their professional speaking
    • Interest, entertain and provide value to members.

    Whilst your materials demonstrate your expertise as a speaker, the Speakers’ Hub is neither intended to promote your business nor provide specific advice. If anyone contacts you directly as a result of your materials on the Speakers’ Hub, you will deal with them professionally and confidentially.

    3. Other Possible Uses

    We may use the materials listed in paragraph 1:

    • for marketing and publicity-related purposes, on the Speakers’ Hub and in other publications we produce; and  
    • on our website and on any social media channels with accounts belonging to The PSA or any of its regions.

    4. Copyright in Your Materials

    Before we use your materials we need you to confirm that:

    • The content of your materials is your own original work;
    • You own (or have a suitable licence for) the copyright in your materials, including all images used in any presentation or video. You will provide The PSA with copies of any licences if asked. You will assist The PSA to defend any claims for breach of copyright arising from your materials;
    • You hold professional indemnity insurance in the event of a claim against you or The PSA arising from the content of your materials.

    5. Your Consent and Release

    By signing this document you agree:

    • To license your materials to the Speakers’ Hub to make them available to PSA associates, members and fellows via a password protected webpage. You will not be paid for the work involved in producing your materials
    • Any rights (copyright and other intellectual property rights) in our materials belong to The PSA. 
    • You waive any performance rights on our materials. We can use, edit, copy and sub-licence any words used in our materials.
    • You can ask us to stop using our materials or your materials at any time, in which case efforts will be taken to prevent them being used in future digital and offline publications but they may continue to appear in publications already in circulation.

    These terms form the basis of a legal agreement with The PSA.

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  • When I submit this form, I understand that the PSA will process my information in accordance with its Privacy Notice.