Call for Interviewees, Learnings with Lynda – Speaker Secrets

It’s showtime!

Do you have a fabulously helpful tip from your area of expertise?  Are you willing to share this to help your buddies in the PSA?  Can you give me 30 minutes of your time to discuss and record a 5-minute video clip?

If your answer is yes to all three questions, read on.

You may be aware by now that our theme for my time as your National President is ‘Going for Growth’, and there are five subthemes:

Growing with a Team

Growing it Alone

Growing New Seeds

Growing with Collaboration

Growing the Whole You

The Speaking Business Summit on 8-10 October will be oozing with value to help us grow in these areas.  But why wait until then? Let’s get cracking, so that we gain as much value out of the Summit as possible by planning and learning in preparation now.

The planning is supported by the ‘Three Arrow Approach’ that I’m speaking about at the regional events.  The learnings are aided by me interviewing you for just 5 minutes and posting that interview on the PSA members FB page.

If you would like to join us, please fill in this form and submit it to the office asap.  

Let the fun begin!