What your Board does

Much of the Board’s work happens behind the scenes but at any given time the Directors are working on a range of projects to benefit members and further the work of the Association.

Board meetings

Board meetings happen quarterly throughout the year.

Our meetings for 2020 will be held in London on the following dates:

– Friday 14th February
– Friday 17th or 24th April TBC
– Friday 26th June
– Friday 4th September
– Friday 20th November

Since Inspire in Oct 2019 your board of directors has met virtually on the 30th October and will meet on the 2nd of December.

In the October meeting, we focussed on Inspire and the feedback from those who attended. We’ve also surveyed those who did not attend. 

Rebecca Jones has been selected as chair to take over from Tim Luscombe in April 2020 and we are now reviewing the applicants for the marketing and membership roles.

We will be planning the boot camps/masterclasses for 2020.

We’re continuing to develop the conventions for 2020 and have started the preparation for the GSS in 2022

To request something be added to the agenda or to express an opinion on a topic up for discussion, email the Tim Luscombe, Chairman of the PSA Board: [email protected].

Annual General Meeting


The AGM was held on Saturday 5 October 17:30 as part of the Inspire 2019 convention.


Presentation of the Accounts of the Association for the period ending 30th June 2019 – Shaz Nawaz

Election of Steve Bustin as the President for the year 2019-20 – Confirmed

Nomination of Lynda Shaw as President elect for the year 2020-2021 – Announced

Election of the Fellow’s Community President to the board:- Andy Lopata confirmed as a director


Minutes of AGM Meeting 5 Oct 2018


Minutes of AGM Meeting 6 Oct 2017

Board members’ review of the year 2019

Steve Bustin – summary for AGM 2019

Lee Jackson – summary for AGM 2019

Edward Kay – summary for AGM 2019

Andy Lopata – summary for AGM 2019

Tim Luscombe – summary for AGM 2019

Lynda Shaw – summary for AGM 2019

Bryony Thomas – summary for AGM 2019