What your Board does

Much of the Board’s work happens behind the scenes but at any given time the Directors are working on a range of projects to benefit members and further the work of the Association.

Board meetings

Board meetings usually happen quarterly throughout the year. However during the global pandemic the board had been meeting weekly until July 1st 2020. The board will now move to monthly meetings until January 2021 (when this will be revised).

Our meetings for 2020 will be held virtually on the following dates:

– Friday 18th December

Board Updates/News

  • A Statement from The PSA
    The news agenda over the last couple of weeks has been led by the anger and revulsion felt over the death of George Floyd in the US and the ensuing discussion and protests over the ongoing issue of racism not just in America but around the world. Racism is a blight on our society and we condemn it and the inequalities it causes, and we should all be looking to ensure we don’t further it, consciously or unconsciously. We know that the events of the last fortnight have caused great hurt to many of our members and we want to acknowledge that and let them know that we stand with them.
  • Board Update
    During this time the board have been meeting virtually on a weekly basis to ensure decisions could be made swiftly. I’m sure you can imagine that in the early stages when things changed so quickly it wasn’t always easy to know what to do for the best. We decided to put the safety of our members first and […]
  • Board Update
    The New Year brings with it some exciting changes to the PSA Board of Directors.We’re pleased to tell you that your new chair, Rebecca Jones, has hit the ground running and got “stuck in” to PSA matters in a very short space of time. Tim Luscombe, the outgoing chair, decided to hand-over the role from […]
  • Board Update
    Since Inspire in Oct 2019 your board of directors has met virtually on the 30th October and will meet on the 2nd of December. In the October meeting, we focussed on Inspire and the feedback from those who attended. We’ve also surveyed those who did not attend.  Rebecca Jones has been selected as chair to […]


The Annual General Meeting for 2020 was held on the 9th October 2020

Due to social distancing rules and with our conference this year being held online, this years AGM was held online.

Notes from the 2020 AGM will follow in due course.

Please see below notes from the previous years AGM meetings

Board members’ review of the year 2020

Rebecca Jones – summary for AGM 2020

Steve Bustin – summary for AGM 2020

Nathan Littleton – summary for AGM 2020

Shaz Nawaz – summary for AGM 2020

Lee Jackson – summary for AGM 2020

Chantal Cornelius – summary for AGM 2020

Michelle Mills-Porter – summary for AGM 2020

Lynda Shaw – summary for AGM 2020

Andy Lopata – summary for AGM 2020