Auction prizes request

The annual PSA Convention includes the Foundation Auction. We have raised over £28k in the last two years for the PSA Foundation!

Can you help us raise money to help speakers who are struggling?

We are looking for two sorts of auction prizes for the PSA Convention Foundation Auction:

  • Six big-ticket items for the ‘live’ auction
  • Many items for the new extended silent auction (including a booklet with information on each lot)

Examples of prizes donated in the past include:

  • Places on coaching programmes or courses
  • Tickets to events
  • Book bundles
  • Personalised consulting sessions

The ‘big-ticket’ items that are rare, usually expensive, or very exclusive are ideal.

Please bear in mind we only have space for six items in the ‘live’ auction. Your item may go into the live or silent auction. The final decision will be made by the Foundation team. If you are not comfortable being in the silent auction in any way, then please do not submit at an item. Being in the live auction is not sales opportunity and is not for raising our profile, it is chosen on the basis of the largest items that we think will raise the most money. Nothing personal is inferred if you do not make it into the live auction, so please do not have a bruised ego about this. We are trying our best to raise the most money and also to keep some gold for the silent auction too.

  • How much is it worth?
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