Board member appointments

Appointing Chantal Cornelius and Nathan Littleton to the PSA Board

At the AGM Chair Tim Luscombe advised that the positions of Marketing and Membership Directors were vacant and that we (the board) had decided to wait until we had appointed the incoming Chair of the PSA before proceeding with those positions.

Rebecca Jones is now in place and will be taking over as Chair from Tim Luscombe in April 2020

We had two strong applicants for the role of Marketing Director and we believe both of them have a lot to offer the PSA. After some discussion, we have revived the role of Communications Director (previously held by Steve Bustin) and have invited Chantal Cornelius to join the board as Marketing Director and Nathan Littleton to join the board as Communications director.

We are now asking the membership to formally ratify these appointments. Please follow this link to register your votes – a simple majority of votes cast is required for ratification.

Please complete the form below to approve or reject this appointment. Entries will be cross-checked against the PSA member database. Only one entry per current member of the PSA will be accepted. Voting closes at 23:45 on Friday 6 December 2019.