Meet The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Professional Speaking Association is responsible for running the organisation and board members also act as the legal directors of the PSA. Board members are elected at the AGM for a four-year term that can be renewed once, to give a maximum eight-year term.

The current Board of Directors consists of:

Rebecca JonesRebecca Jones MPSA – Chair of the PSA
Enterprise and Innovation Expert, working with clients looking to grow their organisation through “People Centred Transformation”. Rebecca is an author, business mentor, trainer and speaker all using her “Stretchy Thinking” techniques. Rebecca brings over 28 years of experience as an entrepreneur combined with her academic work on enterprise and innovation. She has been standing in front of audiences for nearly 3 decades.
Steve BustinSteve Bustin FPSA – National President 2019-20
The ‘Get Your Voice Heard’ speaker and coach, working with those who want to get their voice heard from the stage, in the media and within their organisation.
Nathan LittletonNathan Littleton FPSA – Communications Director
Marketer, professional speaker and author who specialises in helping businesses to grow by attracting and winning more customers.
Shaz NawazShaz Nawaz MPSA – Finance Director
Helps business owners improve profits and cash flow by helping them increase prices. Speaks on property tax to help investors better plan the growth of property business in a tax-efficient manner.
Lee JacksonLee Jackson FPSA – Foundation Director
Speaks on authentic motivation and resilience in schools and businesses. Presentation coach and the author of 11 books.
Chantal CorneliusChantal Cornelius MPSA – Marketing Director
Over 20 years of experience working with speakers, coaches and consultants, showing them how best to use marketing and speaking to grow successful businesses.
Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA – Membership Director
The People Reader – Behaviour expert specialising in unleashing potential. As the creator of a suite of analysis tools, she speaks consults and trains in motivation, communication, performance and collaboration.
Lynda ShawLynda Shaw FPSA PSAE – Regional Director, President Elect 2020-21
Experienced entrepreneur, business psychologist and neuroscientist working with clients who want to avoid conflict, diminish stress and become far more influential.
Guy Clapperton FPSA – Regional Director Elect
Guy Clapperton joined the PSA in 2011 after speaking internationally to support his book, “This Is Social Media”. He became a Fellow a few years later. His podcast, the Near Futurist, has promoted people to hire him as an event MC and as a keynote speaker. He also uses his background in the press to act as a media trainer and mentor for spokespeople primarily in the technology sector.
Andy LopataAndy Lopata FPSA PSAE – Fellows Community Director
Expert on professional relationships strategy and the author of four books. Andy helps his clients to build, nurture and leverage their professional relationships.

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Advisory Council

The PSA has an Advisory Council of previous national Presidents, who offer advice and the benefit of their experience to the Board. The Advisory Council currently consists of:

  • Alan Stevens FPSA PSAE Global Speaking Fellow – Chair
  • Jane Gunn FPSA
  • Peter Roper FPSA

Chair’s Role

The Chair oversees the running of the Board of Directors. The Chair is expected to remain in post for three to five years, though the role is elected each year. The Chair’s role also includes acting to ensure continuity, helping each Annual President maintain the consistent running of the PSA from year to year.

President’s Role

The President is the figurehead of the PSA and is appointed by the Board of Directors for a one-year term starting at each Annual Convention in October. The President is our official representative at external events, such as those of the international speaking community. The President is also responsible, together with the Chair and a speaker selection committee, for selecting speakers for our annual events.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager of the PSA acts as the day-to-day co-ordinator and administrator of PSA activities. Our Operations Manager is Sara Beth Reynolds who heads a small team and can be contacted on 0333 444 8910.