PSA Moving Voices – Mega Bite 7 – Claire Boyles


Claire Boyles – Turquoise Tweeting Machine


There was a time when the PSA convention was a three day event, where you listened to the talks, chatted to new and old friends, had a drink and went home with a sore head and a list of good intentions.

Now it’s a bit more than that. The whole world can follow what’s going on via the marvels of Twitter and Facebook. It’s great because it means the whole world is your stage, but it also means that speakers have to be better. They have to grab audience’s attention away from emails on their smartphone and say something so incredible that it would be a sin not to tweet it.

Claire Boyles is on the executive committee of the PSA with responsibility for social media. I caught up with her at the end of PSA Mega when she was all tweeted out.