Presidents’ Welcome

Welcome from The President


The President for 2016-17 is
Lee Jackson FPSA

We are a community of Professional speakers, who sometimes do training and coaching too.

We meet together in our 13 regions across the UK & Ireland on a regular basis helping each other to Speak More and Speak Better. Twice a year we also meet at our conferences too, where we learn, listen, network and have fun.  ‘Live’ is in London in April and ‘Mega’ is in Nottingham in October.

We are a diverse bunch of people whose areas of expertise ranges from sales and marketing in corporates through to primary schools and everything in between. We love variety as it helps us to widen our experience and the knowledge of our craft. We are a lively group and work hard to welcome new people into our ‘tribe’. 

The theme for my presidential year is ‘Authenticity’ and we’ll be exploring that as I travel to visit the regions and through the conferences in 2017. In my opinion, an authentic speaker always connects with the audience better, it’s a key to our longevity and success as speakers.

Come and join us in the regions or at our conferences, we can help you to Speak More and Speak Better, it’s what we do – check out the events tab for all our meetings info. 

See you there,

Lee Jackson

Lee is a motivational speaker, ‘powerpoint surgeon’, presentation coach and the author of eleven books. Having worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors over the years he now works in businesses and education helping people to get good in challenging times. He lives with his wife and twins in Yorkshire. He loves good comedy, old school Hip Hop and plays local league basketball. He doesn’t like gardening.